Saturday, March 07, 2009

Governments should fund first things first

In these hard economic times individuals and families around South Carolina and the nation are making hard economic choices. They are forced to prioritize what needs to be paid for first. The rational individual or family pays for the rent or mortgage first, then utilities, food and essential clothing, insurance, taxes and creditors. After those things are paid for, they spend money on extras. It is a sensible way to operate in tough times.

Government, at all levels, does not take the same approach. Special interests from the local level to Washington seem to dictate the budget priorities of governments.

There are some things that the vast majority of us agree are important government functions at the various levels. There is public safety, such as police and fire protection, first responders, and court operations. Then there is the maintenance of infrastructure such as roads and water and sewer systems. Other obligations to education and certain social safety nets come to mind. It would make sense if governments at all levels looked to those types of issues first when writing budgets and then paid for other things with what was left after paying for first things first. It is what most Americans do everyday.

Instead, governments at all levels do not do that. Influenced by lobbyists and other special interests, they tap dance around cutting the non essential things from government out. Take the state of South Carolina for example. The South Carolina Budget and Control Board is famous for its across the board budget cuts by a certain percentage. It gives politicians cover from the special interests, but it makes little sense.

Does it make sense that essential services such as SLED or the courts system is asked to cut their spending by the same percentage as a non essential service such as the Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism? In a perfect world, the state could fully fund both. But, we are not in a perfect world. And, if given the choice of fully funding an essential service and cutting out a non-essential government service, most would opt to fund the essential service.

However, the problem is that the vast majority of South Carolinians who prioritize their own finances have little voice with those who govern them. They do not have lobbyists or the money to pay for lawyers to sue over this and that government issue. They do not host lavish receptions for elected officials.

Instead the average South Carolinian turns over more and more of his or her money over to governments at all levels via taxes. Their governments then spend that money with no rational sense whatsoever.


  1. Sounds like more campaign rhetoric to me. St. McCarty, why don't you just go ahead and announce you are running against Cindy? Or is serving Anderson County beneath a man of your holy than thou stature?

  2. Stan the ManMarch 07, 2009

    Perhaps you should call Brian McCarty "His Holiness" like people call the Pope. Because McCarty does not think his own crap stinks, and that has to be holy, right?

    Cindy Fan, I thank you for calling the self righteous boyscout from Honea Path for what he is. What that self righteous pompous ass does not realize is that most of us in Anderson County don't give a damn about him and Honea Path. Screw Honea Path. People there are like sheep and they will vote for Cindy Wilson as they always have. Brian McCarty won't run because he has sense enough to know he has no chance against Cindy. People in Honea Path back her, not him. They are in the palm of our hands.

    Brian McCarty is a loser. Plain and simple. He ain't got the guts to take on Cindy or deal with me for that matter.

  3. Stan, careful. Sometimes when you kick that old dog lying on the porch, that dog will bite you.

  4. Stan the ManMarch 07, 2009

    That dog will not bite if he is drunk and has no teeth. All he will do is write about it in little blog. I got real readers.

  5. Hey, Brian, I think you such moderate more heavily. I thought this article was about how the government spends our money, not your political future or lack thereof.

  6. working momMarch 07, 2009

    Don't worry Frank, this is just the battle of personalities in McCarty's own head. He is crazy. Ask Bill.

  7. Saint McCarty? Oh I hope not. we already have a day devoted to drunk Irish types running around. One day of green beer is enough.

    I do not care who runs for Congress in the Third, including McCarty. But, if McCarty becomes some sort of saint, we will have another day of drunk Irishmen to deal with.

    As a devout Catholic, I do not want that. It is bad enough people get so drunk on the day honoring St. Patrick. To add some drunk lawyer from Honea Path to the mix would only make things worse.

    I can see it now. St. McCarty's Day. A day to get drunk and badmouth your local government. Of course all involved will have to take up St. McCarty's redneck Irish traditions. There would be cheap beer flowing and cheap women to be had. And, of course, there would be some reference to his mama or little brother and little sister or Honea Path. Got to work McCarty's bullshit in about family and Honea Path. Hey, St. McCarty, we think your family is as full of shit as you are. Get that.

    St. McCarty's day would probably take some money from the county to function. McCarty is no stranger to that.

    st. McCarty might talk about funding first things first, but we taxpayers know it means funding himself and his sorry ass brother first. The biggest waste of money we spend is on sorry and lazy firefighters. Get that, St. McCarty. We know you just help in the shakedown. I would rather let my house burn down to the ground before I spend one cent to have you or your brother put the fire out. Cindy feels the same way. Get that?

  8. Motorcycle ManMarch 07, 2009

    Taxpayer, you should let the local first responders know how you feel. It will save them the time and taxpayer money.

    Besides, letting a freaking moron like you burn to death might help the gene pool.

    Get a life. You need a good ass kicking. What the Hell are you thinking, dude?

  9. Hold on, taxpayer, I think I can say that Cindy does not share your view about fire fighters. I don't like Brian McCarty at all, but your comment went too far. Cindy Wilson supports the fire departments in her district. Cindy does not act like that. Even if McCarty or a family member serves on a fire department, Cindy is not going to hold that against them. Don't associate yourself with Cindy or what we are doing on county council. You are not helping.

  10. stay out of our shedMarch 07, 2009

    Brian McCarty can kiss my big white butt. Spend the kiss as you will. Give the kiss to the right cheek or the left one. I do not care. Spend the kiss as you will.

    I also don't care about how goverment spends money as long as this website is shut down and you are quiet. So many people in Honea Path and in your own neighborhood just wish you would go away. We can not stand you.

  11. God I hate this blog.

  12. Well, Anderson County's leading intellectuals are sounding off today.

  13. I bet among your first things would be funding the Nazi like military state you Republicans created.

  14. What can I say? When I was approving some of these comments, I shook my head in laughter. Whomever is behind them is certainly giving VUI readers some good entertainment. This stuff is hilarious. And, it gets more hits than I expected. It seems the meaner the comments, the more who read. I guess I am just that lovable. Thanks, Cindy Nation, you are making me look better than I am.

    That said, I would have thought the serious issue of asking governments to fund first things first would have gotten more serious comments from the readers out there.

  15. Brian... you ought to know by now that the Cindy supporters don't really care for anybody but themselves... they don't care about the common man... they just want to line their pockets... they just want to get even with people that they don't like...