Sunday, March 01, 2009

Let it snow

Forecasts vary, but is appears that a large portion of South Carolina could see anywhere from a dusting up to five inches of snow Sunday and Sunday night. VUI enjoys snowfalls as much as anyone, but we are a bit puzzled as to why the media acts as if a snowfall in the South is such an odd event.

Sleet, freezing rain and snow all fall on the upstate of South Carolina a few times every winter. It would be odd if such events did not happen. Last year, it snowed in the upstate on the day of the Republican Presidential primary.

Admittedly, the winter of 08-09 has been different. While it has been very cold at times, the precipitation has not been present. Only a few sleet pellets and snow flurries have fell upon the upstate so far. That does not mean that the people in the upstate of South Carolina are going into some public panic over the forecast of a few inches of snow. Sometimes the reporting, especially from the national media outlets, makes one want to scream at the television or computer and say, " I have seen snow and ice before. I know how to drive in it. Get a grip!" If the weather forecast calls for five inches of snow in Miami, then the national media can go into overdrive.

Anyone who has lived for anything length of time in South Carolina knows that this time of year can be wild with weather. It can be in the 60s with thunderstorms one day, and snowing the next. It has been that way since South Carolina was settled. Old diaries and other sources remark about March snowstorms. Indeed, the most snow to every fall in a twenty-four hour period, officially 21 inches, happened in mid March in 1974. That day started off with most stations reporting temperatures in the high forties or low fifties.

Again it is hard to understand the fascination those who have not lived in South Carolina, especially the upstate, have with snow. A good many people don't help with that. They act like we have not seen it before and make the traditional bread and milk runs on the grocery stores. For those with a brain, a March snowstorm is no cause for panic. The beauty of the snow is enjoyed with the knowledge that in a few days, it will be gone and all be back to normal.

So, let it snow. Have fun with the snow, but please, folks, act like you have seen it before.


  1. dude, it snowed, and I saw it before, but I loved it. I got a day off from work, a three day weekend.

  2. There is still snow on the road in the upsate, does that mean I get Tuesday off as well?

  3. This is a condescending load of crap.

    Has it ever occured to you that the some people simply DON'T WANT TO DRIVE IN THE SNOW?