Monday, March 02, 2009

Okay, VUI will address Anderson County Council

Some of those who have commented keep asking for VUI to address the issues in our own back yard, those issues being Anderson County Council. Fair enough. VUI thinks that the last county adminstrator was a big government liberal and that the last county council was pretty dadgummed abusive in how they spent county money. The folks at VUI loathed the past county council of Anderson and its past adminstrator, and made fun of both.

However, the new Anderson County Council seems little better. They seem to be out for their own financial interests, in making moves to get paid for legal fees and the the like, and dwelling on the past.

The Mayor of Honea Path addressed Anderson County Council last year and made the case against the former County Council. Unfortunately, the same is true of the current Anderson County Council.

Indeed, when will Anderson County Council get down to doing the business of the people? When will the Anderson County Council get to the business of real conservative reform and stop allowing the ex-adminstrator to dictate what they do?

The behavior of the Anderson County Council makes no logical sense. Perhaps it is love or money that makes them act so crazy and against the interests of the people that elected them. Perhaps we in Anderson County are watching Council member Cindy Wilson play out the role Glenn Close played in Fatal Attraction in a political nature. Ms. Wilson will not be ignored. Or perhaps is she playing a political Captain Ahab leading her band of followers on council on a hunt for the white whale in the form of putting Joey Preston in jail.

Frankly, VUI thinks the Anderson County government is nuts and sees it as an impediment to making lives better in Honea Path and the surrounding areas. The majority of county council seem to have an unhealthy political obsession with Joey Preston and the former council members they defeated at the polls. The acts of Anderson County Council makes one question the sense of home rule in Anderson County.


  1. Cindy Wilson will sue you over this. Wait and see. I hope you have money for the legal fees she will cause you and your sorry little website to pay out.

  2. Motorcycle ManMarch 02, 2009

    Hey, anon, since when did someone expressing a political opinion warrant a lawsuit. Oh, I get it, it is Anderson County. Everybody sues each other there. Thank God I live in Abbeville County. I would probably be in jail because I would just kick you sorry asses if went after me. This was a good article. The guy spoke his mind. If you can not deal with that straight on, you got some problems.

  3. Cindy has the resources to sue you in the ground.

  4. I love Cindy WilsonMarch 02, 2009

    You can kiss my ass. I bet you will moderat this out. But, you can read know you can kiss my ass.

  5. I love Cindy Wilson, I bets you can read better than youze write.

    LOL. Is this really the best you guys can do?

  6. You should not speak against Cindy, we know all about you. Tune in.

  7. The question is will you run agaist Cindy wilson. Run, Brian, run.

  8. where is that blaze guy? He usuaually has something to say that backs you up. I guess Unmindful Blaze is a Cindy Wilson fan, as I am. You need to leave that good woman alone. Cindy Wilson knows what is best. Unmindful Blaze knows it, and you had better learn it.

  9. military wifeMarch 02, 2009

    Brian, you are so smart, and you have the ability to address so many issue, why, why, why, do you waste a moment of your time on those idiots? Brian, you are so much better than that. Aim high. We need you to aim high.

  10. While your assessment of the old county admin. and the former council is spot on, I think you are short-sighted on the new council.

    Yes, MCW may be trying to get some $$$. You would too, if you had been treated like her. But be very aware that this council has not been able to do their job, because of the boneheaded actions of the old council and the old admin. It is absolutely appalling the contracts that were handed out,including the current admins. contract.

    He will be fired tonight or tomorrow. Depends on when they take a vote. It will happen. He had no chance of being successful. And he can blame, Preston, McAbee and R. Wilson for that.

    Council can now get back to business. The stupid lawsuit filed by 3 idiot puppets is all but gone, and the search for truth has re-convened.

    Soon we will have a conservative government, governing. It's been a long time since we have had that in Anderson.

  11. Hey wasn't replacing your post yesterday with a draft you had a nice trick? I see you got the original one back up. You better pay attention. Who knows, you could see a porno on here one day. Welcome to the game. We play for keeps.

  12. Security measures have been taken to protect the integrity of this website.

    As far as the other anon's remarks, at least we agree on the past council. As for the current one, I have strong doubts. We will see if they fund first things first with the budget and do something about credit cards. Then, I will believe.

    But, for now, they have spent the money on lawyers and investigations that could have spent better. I can not understate how disappointed that I am in watching conservatives behave so.

  13. As for Cunningham.

    I thought the past council was wrong to hire him the way that they did. However, we have a legal contract with the guy. Even Tom Allen gets that the guy is a bad position. We will end up having to settle with him, as we should to protect the reputation of the word of Anderson County.

    I hope the current council holds a national search for the next administrator. It should be someone from outside of Anderson County with now ties whatsoever to either camp that has fought so.

    What Anderson County needs now is someone beyond reproach. Perhaps the council should look to the world outside government for a someone to come in clean it all up. I think of how Major League Baseball saved itself by bringing in Kennesaw Mountain Landis as Commissioner. The council faces a similar situation.

  14. Brian McCarty there is no one in Anderson County who is more full of pure bullcrap than you are. You are a self serving bullcrap artist trying to position himself for a run at county council. I am so sick of your bullcrap. You betrayed your friend Bill McAbee and now you are trying to make the current council look bad.

    What must we in Anderson County do? Elect you so you can save us from ourselves? Admit it, you want to run for county council, and all of this just part of your bullcrap campaign.

  15. Cindy Fan, i could not have said it better myself. Brian McCarty is crazy as Hell. That self righteous boy scout attitude of his just drives me nuts. I tell myself not to read his sorry little blog and his talk about the "crackerjack staff" which is probably his multiple personalities. But, it is like an accident scene, you just have to see how crazy McCarty will get.

    I can not imagine Brian McCarty running anything. I would vote for my dog before I would him for any office. At least my dog knows her crap stinks.

  16. Better yet, your dog knows when it craps. I bet McCarty is so drunk he would not know if he crapped his own pants. There is no way in Hell the drunk lawyer from Honea Path will take Cindy Wilson's council seat. Trust me on that, so relax. We were ready for him 2008 and we will be ready for him in 2010. I doubt that drunk loser will let this go up with "moderation." The drunk lawyer from Honea Path probably won't be up until this afternoon to moderate this comment.

    Cindy Wilson would crush him in an election. The drunk Honea Path lawyer has no chance. He's too drunk to know that we run this place and he had better go along.

  17. Well, Cindy Fan, lo and behold I am awake. I am sober enough to know that your pet member of council is wasting tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars on her unhealthy obsession with the past. If anyone needs testing for being "under the influence," perhaps it should be the members of county council who call themselves conservatives but waste so much taxpayer money on their unhealthy obsessions with their former political opponents.

    I laugh at your remarks and do not take them seriously. I allow them to go up because they give me such a good laugh. You have got no clue about who I am. It is hilarious . Bottoms up. LOL.

  18. Sorry, for the lateness. I have been enjoying the snow and a long weekend from having Monday off from work. I will make it clear that I am not a Cindy Wilson fan. I was so glad to see the council make progress last night and once again bring up the same issues anf fire Cunningham again. Wow, they really are worried about the county. After three months this is just getting boring and frustrating to see my tax dollars go to such waste. Oh no, I hope I don't get sued for this post. Oh wait I am already paying for all these lawsuits.

  19. Okay, perhaps you found AA and got sober. Who really cares? However, your comments on here and at the Independent Mail show that you are a Preston apologist who wants no investigation.

    Taxpayers money spent on putting crooks in jail is not wasted. Are you one of those crooks?

    Your sort of nutty position of being for the people and not for one side or the other is just, well, nutty. You have to pick a side. Staying the middle of the road will get your ass runned over, drunk or sober.

    You call other people nuts. It is you who are nuts. Pick a side.

  20. In defense of Mr. McCarty, he has proven time and time again that he is, in most cases, the best man for the job. He is trust-worthy and knows the topics and situations at hand. Although I do not live in Anderson County, my mother still does. I look to Mr. McCarty’s insight and truth of the matter for guidance in these difficult times. Bad mouth him all you want but he is an upstanding citizen that only wants what is best for his county government and its people. When was the last time that someone stood out on a limb to defend what is right for you or your family. I am sure that the answer would be “almost never”.

    “All human situations have their inconveniences. We feel those of the present but neither see nor feel those of the future; and hence we often make troublesome changes without amendment, and frequently for the worse.” – Benjamin Franklin

  21. I think some people need to pick Prozac around here. Nutjobs like this are poor public relations for Anderson County.

  22. Odessa, you are sadly misinformed about Brian McCarty. Mr. Capps, we know you were in McAbee's camp and we know your indiscretions. So, go away.

    Brian McCarty is a self righteous boyscout with problems we all will know about soon. All of his bull crap about being for the people just drives me nuts. It pisses me off people read this blog so much and take him so seriously.

    Who is this McCarty guy? What he has ever done? He is just a guy who talks a lot about things. And, believe me, that mouth of his will be shut up some enough.

    Come 2010, Cindy will be re-elected and people won't even know who Brian McCarty and his pathetic little website is. Even those losers who live in Honea Path will not like McCarty when we are done with him, Wait and see.

    McCarty's "I stand for Honea Path" remarks just tick us off more than anything. Who cares about Honea Path when the past adminstrators and council need to be dealt with?

  23. Eddie LudeMarch 06, 2009

    We look forward to the that Cindy Wilson and other people of the Anderson County Council run no more and give Anderson County a chance in success in creating jobs, building a community that believes in progress, prosperity and the goodness of the people of Anderson County.

    I believe in Anderson County. I believe in the people of Anderson County. But, I believe the Council, with the exception of Gracie Floyd, ought to resign and recapture the honor that they have lost.

  24. Eddie, you will have to live a long time for that day to come. Cindy is here to stay. This is our time. Liberal Democrats like you have to just get over it.