Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The pizza delivery incident in Lexington County

The entire staff of VUI enjoys a good pizza. Pizza Hut offers the some of the best. However, the entire staff of VUI stands in agreement to just say no to Pizza Hut from now on.

A tragic incident happened in Lexington County last Saturday night. From published reports in The State, some teenagers ordered pizza from Pizza Hut. Again, according to the reports, the teenagers allegedly attacked the pizza deliveryman. Allegedly the deliveryman tried to flee, but was pursued and beaten, suffering a broken nose. Then, allegedly, the pizza delivery man pulled the firearm he had a concealed weapons permit for and fired to protect his own life. Tragically, one of the alleged teen attackers died as a result.

There is no way not see this as tragedy. The pizza delivery man, who is a husband and a father, will have to live with having to face that gut wrenching decision of protecting his own life for the rest of his life. The parents of the kid will have to live with their loss. Reports of why it took paramedics nearly a half of an hour to the scene need to be answered as well.

And, frankly, Pizza Hut has its own questions to answer as well. According The State, the deliveryman has resigned from his job because it is Pizza Hut policy for employees not to have firearms. Never mind that the pizza deliveryman legally had the firearm or that local law enforcement appears to think the man acted properly.

Frankly, VUI does not get the Pizza Hut policy. If Pizza Hut asks their delivery personnel to carry money for change and to go to any door, how can they find it either safe or sensible for their delivery people not to carry a firearm if they get the proper training via the Concealed Weapons Permit program?

Of course, VUI believes in the free market, and Pizza Hut or any business should be free to set whatever employee policies they choose. However, that same free market leaves us free to never buy from Pizza Hut again.

Prayers go out to all involved. Everyone, including Pizza Hut, needs them. This was a real tragedy and leaves VUI asking why on so many levels.


  1. Thanks for not mentioning people's names. That is a rare respect paid to everyone involved. You should be applauded for that.

  2. Sad. Everybody lost in this tragedy.

  3. Yes, everyone did lose. Only forgiveness and love can overcome such a tragedy.

  4. west_rhinoMarch 11, 2009

    We recall that Domino's had a similar policy of making its drivers potential unarmed victims some years ago, anyone know if that's still in force?