Friday, March 06, 2009

Third District Congressional race

With Gresham Barrett seeking the Governor's office, some names are surfacing on the Republican side to take Barrett's Third District Congressional seat.

The first name that keeps coming up is State Senator Kevin Bryant of Anderson County. Though Bryant had a tougher than expected re-election to his state senate seat last November, he is personable and popular with conservatives in the upper part of the Third District.

Another state senator, Shane Massey of Aiken County, also comes up as a possible candidate. Massey's reform approach and youth make him appealing to the lower part of the district.

According the various sources, the 500 pound political gorilla in the race could be Solicitor Strom Thurmond, Jr. of Aiken County. However, it appears unlikely that Thurmond will seek the office.

There are other names being tossed around, but the above three seem to be true contenders for the seat. Let VUI know what you think and of any people out there that you know of who might be considering running for the open Third District Congressional seat.


  1. I think it's gonna be a free-for-all... it's weird... most folks have known for a while now that Gresham had been getting ready to run for governor... yet, nobody seems to be out quietly organizing...

  2. Jeff Duncan is definatly running. Rex Rice is running. Michael Thompson is running. Billy O'Dell is rumored to be running. There is another person considering a run, but his name escapes me. He used to be an attorney working for Lindsey Graham.

    Anyway there is 5 more people. I don't think Bryant is running.

  3. Hey, McCarty, why don't you run?

  4. Stan the ManMarch 07, 2009

    Brian McCarty for Congress? What a joke. What is next? Dr. Phil for President? Brian McCarty probably could not visit Congress, much less be a member of it. If McCarty ain't got the guts to run against Cindy, how can he have the guts to run for Congress?

    I do wish he would. It would give me something to write about for weeks and weeks.

  5. working momMarch 07, 2009

    If a traitor like you ran, I will become a Democrat.

  6. working momMarch 07, 2009

    stan, you are as crazy as Brian. You both just make stuff up.

  7. There are good Democrats out there like Paul Agnew that could take this seat out of GOP hands.

  8. If I ran for Congress and got elected, about the only friend in Congress I would have would be someone like Ron Paul. I doubt he would like me when I told him that not one cent of taxpayer money should be spent on private schools.

  9. If I was ever elected to Congress, I'd demand a recount.