Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"But, she's the Mayah"

VUI is big fan of municipal governments. The Mayors and members of town and city councils around the state do an often thankless job at the most relevant point of government in most people's lives. However, the mess in Atlantic Beach can not be ignored.

While those of us in the upstate were dealing with storm damage and joining the rest of the state in celebrating Easter weekend, Mayor Retha Pierce of Atlantic Beach was getting arrested again. The Atlantic Beach Mayor was arrested for a hit and run accident on Good Friday.

It is the Atlantic Beach Mayor's third run in with the law in the past year or so. The Mayor already as pending cases for resisting arrest at a traffic stop in 2007 and for disorderly conduct and trespass at the Atlantic Beach town hall in January of this year.

In case you missed it somehow before, here is Atlantic Beach's leader, in the Atlantic Beach town hall, being led away by police.

The Mayor's latest arrest for hit and run could result in her being removed from office. If a Grand Jury indicts her, do not be surprised if Governor Mark Sanford finds that a crime against moral turpitude and temporarily removes her from office.

One thing is for sure, the antics have people around the state going, "well, at least we don't live in Atlantic Beach."


  1. The Mayor is not the only joke. Rizzo is a drunk and a joke himself. What we have here is a one clown locking up another clown.

    And, we pay for it!

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