Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Governor’s office to back tax credit for private public safety choices

Citing the continuing need for choices in government, a source inside the Governor’s office made clear that the Governor will be asking for tax credits for those property owners who choose to secure their property with private security or fire services.

“It is not fair that I have a 1.3 million dollar home and have to pay for the private security in my gated community and pay taxes for educrats, policecrats and fat fireman,” stated one upstate member of the House who supports the Governor’s measure.

The Governor’s spokesman pointed out by not having state paid for private public safety choice, South Carolinians were getting inefficient police and fire services. “Police officers and fire fighters are as bad as teachers in masking as heroes when if in fact they are just lazy bureaucrats who need competition from the private sector, “ the spokesman stated.

The money for the private public safety tax credit program is planned to come from the remainder of the local government fund in the state budget, leaving some to believe that local public safety agencies will see drastic cuts.

“Those cuts are what’s needed,” stated a blogger who supports the Governor, “I have dealt with law enforcement personally, and I say the fewer of them, the better. Maybe now we can make prostitution legal.”

“Besides,” stated the upstate member of the House with the 1.3 million dollar house, “if some people can not afford private public safety fees, perhaps they are not supposed to make it. This is the real world, and not everybody’s a winner.”

More on this issue as it develops.


  1. Angry FiremanApril 01, 2009

    I hope the fire department lets that 1.3 million dollar house burn to the ground after they get everyone out.

    Let that SOB ride with us a few times and see what we do.

  2. I can not believe this Governor and what he does to the people of South Carolina. This is an outrage!

  3. Taxpayer DanApril 01, 2009

    Another reason why I love Mark Sanford. He thinks outside the box and is not afraid to take on the sacred cows of big government.

  4. April Fools. Come on Brian, you can do better than this!

  5. Mr. McCarty, who were your sources of this information?

  6. Rick, at least you saw the post date. I was kind of suprised that some took it so seriously. It was meant as humor about both the Governor and his opponents. I guess with you, Rick, I missed the mark. But, at least you got it was not serious.

  7. I am glad this was April Fools because I was about to go on a tirade. This was good one to get me fired up Mr. McCarty and you know it.

  8. That was pretty funny. Too bad Working Mom didn't decide to add to the humor.