Tuesday, April 28, 2009

James Smith disappoints

James Smith, a member of the South Carolina House of Representatives penned an op-ed piece in the State paper recently criticizing the Republican members of the South Carolina House of wanting to keep people from voting. Smith, who is usually rational and sane in his debates, seemed like a guy throwing red meat to Democratic primary voters in his remarks.

Two lines in Smith’s op-ed stand out. The first, Smith writes, “ With the hands being dealt by House Republicans, many more voters will lose their chance to vote.” In that remark, Smith went from moderate Democrat to left wing bomb thrower, all but accusing his colleagues of being against people voting. It is a classic far left tactic meant to scare Democratic primary voters and donors.

Smith goes on to conclude his remarks with the following: “As early voting is curtailed, more pressure will land on election offices in the last days before an election. As lines lengthen, many voters will have to choose between voting and their other responsibilities — from getting to work on time to picking up their children. Some voters will simply not have the stamina for the longer waits. The longer the line, the more likely it is that you will drop out.
And House Republicans are betting on it”

With those remarks, Smith offers some great left wing propaganda. Smith tries to convey the idea that the Democrats are just average folks and looking out for average folks who have kids and jobs and the like when it comes to elections. Smith tries to get you thinking about your mama or your grandmamma standing in line. Then, he appeals to morals, saying that House Republicans are “betting” on keeping folks from voting.

Smith could have some credibility had he offered a solution to a bigger problem in voting: fraud prevention. However, discussing voter fraud prevention is not done in the Left Wing of the Democratic Party. In that respect, they are not like the average man or woman who works everyday and votes. The left wing has databases of people to go pick up and take to the polls, along with get out the vote money or as one Democratic operative told me one time, “street money.”

Do not let the propaganda fool you. The Democrats want a definition of voter fairness that benefits their political chances. If a proposal was made to allow for a larger window of early voting, but was coupled with validating voter identification and eliminating rides to the polls by candidates or parties, the Democrats would cry out as if murder had been committed.
Indeed Smith and the Left Wing of the Democratic Party seem to not care about how the rights of legal voters are trampled when illegal votes are cast and counted. Why isn’t Mr. Smith talking about that? Is it not an affront to justice that a man or woman, who works hard, plays by the rules and castes his or her vote could have that vote negated by someone who voted illegally? Why is Mr. Smith and the Democratic Party so silent on protecting the rights of legal voters?

Further, why do Mr. Smith and the Democratic Party continue to cheapen the value of the vote by thinking it is something we should do while out shopping in the mall? A vote is a sacred thing. People died for us to be able to vote. Decisions made at the polls impact the history of our cities, our counties, our state and our nation. If someone could give his or her life so a person can vote, it seems that person ought to have the self dignity and the gumption to stand in a line a while or fill out a form. (On personal note, I had to stand I line last November for a while. I did not think how unfair it was I had a wait a few minutes. I thought, my great uncle died for this, my grandpa and some friends fought for this, the least I can do is wait my turn.)

But, of course, asking people to have a little self respect and gumption is not how the Left Wing of the Democratic Party operates. No, they would rather bus in their voters, no questions asked, to pile up numbers to give power. The more those voters feel like victims, the better it is in the Left’s eyes.
The ultimate irony is while Democrats like Smith go on about voting, they stand against factory workers having private votes for unions. In other words, while Democrats go around screaming to the high heavens about people’s voting rights, they want to make sure factory workers who vote against a union are known and thus open to harassment. They want three guys showing up a factory worker’s home at dinner time asking them to sign for the union to replace a private vote.

Then, they have the audacity to pretend to lecture about voting rights. The hard truth is both parties really do not care, by and large about your voting rights. They work to find ways to win. That is probably not what some Republican friends want to read, but the truth is the truth. What is so irritating about Smith and Democrats like him is they pretend they are looking out for average folks. They are not. They are looking for a way to win power. It is disappointing to see James Smith join that game. VUI thought he was one of the good guys.

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