Friday, April 17, 2009

Jim Rex, lawsuits and rallies

VUI has been hard on Governor Mark Sanford on things like his continuing 2006 Governor’s campaign and his stubbornness not to take stimulus money that South Carolinians will have to pay back anyway. However, as the old saying goes, “what is good for the goose is good for the gander.” There are some serious problems with how South Carolina Democrats are playing their political hands right now.
First, there was the article on the Huffington Post blog by South Carolina Superintendent of Education Jim Rex. In the article, Rex seemed to be more of an Obama Administration mouthpiece than then a constitutional officer in South Carolina. Frankly, VUI could not find any other instance in South Carolina’s state history when a sitting constitutional officer attacked a sitting Governor so on the national stage. One wonders if the political operative Rex’s Department of Education has paid thousands of dollars in consulting fees wrote the article and Rex just signed off on it. Rex has had his good moments, such as his idea for public school choice, but his essay on the Huffington Post was perhaps his lowest moment in office so far. It appeared to be a petty attempt to not only attack the sitting Governor of South Carolina, but to get some national attention. The days of South Carolina constitutional officers showing courtesy and respect for another seem to be gone.

Sanford has some blame for that. His supporters treat Rex as a political piñata. However, Rex joined them in the mud.

That brings to mind the lawsuit filed by an 18 year old kid asking the legislature to go around Governor Sanford and take the stimulus money. While it is hard to doubt the sincerity of the kid, it is hard not to see how politically staged the lawsuit is. Dillon County schools found their way into the conversation, as they did in President Obama’s address to Congress. Dick Hartpootlian, the Democrat’s Democrat, is one of the attorneys involved. The lawsuit has a lot more to do with politics than law.

Then, there is the scheduled rally to “save our schools” in Greenville coming up. It is sponsored by the Greenville Democratic Party, and urban contemporary station 107.3. The rally supposedly is to be made up of people who will protest to demand that Governor Sanford take the $700 million in stimulus funds he is holding up.

If you believe that the acts of this week by Democrats are not being coordinated, perhaps you might be interested in some ocean front property in Laurens County. The Democrats are acting in classic form. First, they have some voice with some type of authority blast away, then they sue, then they take to the streets to protest. They act so with the hope that the people will buy into the illusion of growing momentum for their cause. However, it is nothing but political stagecraft and legerdemain.

While VUI does not agree with Governor Sanford on not taking the stimulus money, you should not buy into the illusion that the Democrats and litigants care so much about you or your children. It is all politics to them as well. Sure, some sincere pawns will be used, but make no mistake, the people behind it all are worried about the politics first and making one of contenders for the GOP Presidential nomination in 2012 look bad.

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  1. Still no Lois Lane looking at the seven figure reserve fund that Dillon County schools has and why they maintain some wretched facilities for show...