Friday, April 24, 2009

The North Myrtle Beach area fire

The finger pointing has already begun in regards to the huge wildfire in the North Myrtle Beach area. Some point to a guy ticketed for a trash fire violation, though the Forestry Commission is quick to ask people to reserve judgment. Some are blaming the Forestry Commission for not having enough controlled burns of the area. Others blame developers for building housing developments so close to areas that are historically prone to big fires because of the nature of the vegetation found there.

VUI does not pretend to know the causes of the fire and who is to blame. What is important now is that we all pray for the victims who have lost their homes and for the firefighters out there fighting the blaze and trying to keep it under control.

Further, the North Myrtle Beach area fire is a reminder that we human beings are not in as much control as we like to pretend that we are. Every now and then an Act of God or Mother Nature, however you prefer to address it, comes along and slaps people back to the reality of their lack of control. When such an act happens, humanity is tested. True character comes out. Does one first seek out someone to blame almost as to give comfort to the notion that there is no act beyond human beings and that human beings are the cause? Or does one think of the victims and the responders first, and pray that they find comfort and strength?

Such an abstract test of human character means nothing to people who have lost their homes or their cars. It means nothing to the tired firefighter who goes in for one more around against the blazing beast. It means nothing to the relief volunteer who finds a victim a bed or a hot meal. Those folks have already passed their test of human character with flying colors.

Instead it is those of us who report the news and pontificate our points of view that are to be tested. Will we call for aid and prayers or will we first point fingers?

As for VUI, we will pray for the victims, the firefighters and the relief workers. Further, VUI encourages you to join us in prayer and in donating to the American Red Cross and any other charity that is helping deal with this event. The time for finger pointing will come later. For, now, let's pray for and try to help those folks in the North Myrtle Beach area.


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