Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The PETA nuts are at it again

I love animals. I love watching them in the wild, and I love my official pets, an old basset hound named Sir Winston (after Winston Churchill), and a stray kitten I adopted last summer dubbed Governor Palin. However, the nuts of PETA seem to go too far in their love of animals.

First, they went after one of my favorite past times, fishing. The folks at PETA do not care if I practice the conservationist approach of catch and release. No, they see the very act of fishing as torture of the fish. Never mind that fish do not biologically have the nerves to feel the hooks. The PETA nuts see fish as characters in Finding Nemo or Sponge Bob, with personalities, feelings and souls. Perhaps such stories are nice for children to fantasize about, but when adults go to extremes to protect such fantasies, it is insanity.

The insanity does not stop there. The PETA nuts when after the mascot of the University of South Carolina a couple of years ago. It seems my Alma Maters "Fighting Gamecocks" offended PETA in that they saw it as promoting cock torture through cock fighting. Now, while I will admit that there was not much fight in my beloved Gamecocks football team in the last three games of last year in football, PETA's stand is just plain ignorant. The origin of the South Carolina mascot comes from the nickname of General Thomas Sumter, who as state senator was a leader in taking steps to create the University of South Carolina. Sumter's nickname was the "Fighting Gamecock."

However, ignorance does not stop the PETA nuts. In 2007. they attacked a group of South Carolina monks for selling chicken eggs. That's right. They attacked monks for selling chicken eggs. Some of the most peaceful and humblest among us in South Carolina were subjected to PETA's insanity.

Now, PETA's nuts turn to the city of Charleston and its carriage rides. PETA tells us that taking a horse drawn carriage ride in the Holy City is not only cruel to the horse, but dangerous. They cite that there have been six reported carriage accidents in the last fifteen months or so. Frankly, one has to ask if the PETA nuts care about how many automobile related accidents happened in the Charleston in the same time period. It is a safe bet that riding in a horse drawn carriage is a lot safer than riding in an automobile.

Facts, however do not matter to an extreme group like PETA. A group like PETA is made of chiefly of two factions. The first faction is truly nuts. They are the people who believe Nemo and Mr. Ed really exist. The second faction is made up of well paid political activists who have to manufacture issues to make sure the first group keeps sending them checks. The second faction is despicable, for they take advantage of the borderline legal insanity of so many to take money from them.

When the PETA nuts were throwing paint on fur coats of rich New Yorkers, frankly, I will admit it did not bother me. But, now that their nuttiness is attacking fishing, my beloved Gamecocks, and now the romantic dignity of a carriage ride through historic Charleston, well, I say enough. I wonder what is next. As a Carolina Panthers fan, am I to expect some protest against the Panthers because their mascot, Sir Pur, is often a comedic figure on the field? Will PETA be angry because the "Rally Cats" are human women and not actually cats, and that somehow women in cheerleader outfits demean felines? Will PETA move to ban John Wayne movies? There is only one way to describe PETA: nuts.


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