Wednesday, April 15, 2009

President Obama not getting the start he hoped for

The Obama Administration is not off to the start it had hoped for. Millions take to the streets to protest taxes and Obama’s stimulus plans at “tea parties” around the nation. The President of France, Nicolas Sarkozy, is reported in European papers to say that President Obama is weak and meek.
Obama has also had the first American ship taken over by pirates since Thomas Jefferson was President of the United States. North Korea launched their test missile without seeming to care what President Obama thought. China refused to finance more United States government debt by buying and holding less bonds.
Israel seems ready to deal with the Iranian nuclear weapons program in their own way, whether President Obama likes it or not. Pakistan is cutting deals with the Taliban, despite President Obama’s espoused surge against the Taliban. More and more United States financial institutions are miffed in why the Obama Administration will not allow to them to pay back TARP money and run their own businesses.
The list can and does go on. There are the issues related to Obama cabinet appointees who had to step aside for not paying taxes. There is the disgruntlement, though it is unofficial, of the military in how some command appointments have been made. It goes on and on.
Indeed, it has not been the glorious “100 Days” the Obama Administration envisioned. President Obama ran a campaign that claimed the Obama Adminstration would be center of the road politically and include all voices.
While no President since Franklin Roosevelt has had his first “100 Days” measure up fully to expectations, Obama’s first “100 Days” is measuring up to be a complete failure. The reaction of the Obama Administration and its supporters shows the frustration that they are feeling.
Take for example the response to protests against the huge spending bill Obama and the Democrats in Congress dubbed a “stimulus package.” When voices were rasing questions, the President of the United States simply stated to the people that he “won the election,” and he was going to get his way. Fair enough. Now, that millions poured into the streets to protest via “TEA parties,” Obama supporters, as one on CNN said, “are concerned over how uneducated white people are upset with the election of Barack Obama.”
If that is not enough for you to question how the Obama Administration operates, there is the report from the Department of Homeland Security touted by Secretary Janet Napolitano that states that what she calls “right wing political extremists” are a terrorist threat. According to an article in the Washington Times, Secretary Naplitano, despite protests from Democrat Congressman Bennie Thompson, Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, stands by her remarks that veterans from the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts should be watched as potential terrorists.
While the Obama Administration claims that there is not ideological profiling going on, one has to wonder why Secretary Napolitano dwelled on conservative groups and left out far left groups like the environmental nuts who put spikes in trees to hurt loggers. The same illusion of policy can be found in Obama stating he does not want to go after people’s gun rights, but his Attorney General speaks for such.
The first three months of the Obama Administration have showed several things. First, all the rhetoric about restoring individual constitutional rights from the formation of the Department of Homeland Security and other security measures was just rhetoric; the Obama Administration, more than the Bush Administration, seems to be tramping on rights for political purposes more than ever. Second, Obama’s rhetoric about being a middle of the road President who listens to everyone is just rhetoric. When the “rubber met the road” so to speak, Obama proved to be a big spending liberal, using every leverage of power he had to push through his liberal spending agenda and control over business in the United States. Third, for all the Obama rhetoric about restoring respect for the United States around the world, respect is now at an all time low. Everyone from the President of France, to the tin horn dictator of North Korea, to some Somali pirate with and AK-47, sees President Obama as weak.

But, hey the First Family has a new dog, and the American media loves it. Unfortunately that seems to be the biggest accomplishment of the Obama Administration so far. By the way, do you remember this guy, candidate Obama.


  1. west_rhinoApril 17, 2009

    Reckon Joe Biden was right?

  2. I think his start is everything he had hoped for. He has gotten everything he wanted passed. He had to have known that the USA isn't that radical. So of course people are protesting.
    Its unfortunate, but apparently since last year, Americans have moved to the left so this joke of a president is still popular.

  3. You better back off cracker. My President and the people around him will not take this crap. I think we better lock your cracker ass up for the public good.

  4. President Obama will end up locked up for the public good. Joe, get ready to take the oath. We are going to need you after the President is indicted.

  5. I'm beginning to think that that Biden might be the best insurance policy that Obama has, at least for domestic enemies that are PO'ed that he's not getting enough of their leftist agenda finished. OTOH is vice versa for a number of foreign intersts...