Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Who the Hell is Perez Hilton?

The mainstream media has been in an uproar over Perez Hilton. No, Perez Hilton is not Paris Hilton's hot sister, it is celebrity blogger Maria Armando Lavendeia, Jr., who goes by the pen name Perez Hilton.

The openly gay Lavendeia blogs on celebreties and gay rights issues under the pen name Perez Hilton. (Maybe he wants to be Paris Hilton's hot sister, VUI does not know and frankly, does not want to know.)

Somehow, Lavendeia became a judge for the Miss USA contest controlled by Donald Trump last weekend. Using his position as a Judge, "Hilton" asked Miss California about gay marriage. Miss California, according to various reports, points ahead on all measures before her answer, summed up that marriage was between a man and a woman.

That led Lavendeia aka Perez Hilton, to call Miss California a "dumb bitch," on his blog. It also led to Miss California losing the Miss USA crown.

Frankly, VUI has never been a fan of beauty pageants. A quick survey of the staff found that no one was watching the Miss USA event when the exhange took place. However, all of us have seen it on the news or youtube.

The situation does beg a few questions. How does a second rate blogger get to be a Miss USA judge? When did women in such an event get judged on what their opinions were instead of how they presented them? Has a judged ever asked a question so selfishly related to their political point of view? What ever happened to to the beauty part of beauty pageants? I mean isn't asking a gay guy to determine the hottest woman in a beauty pageant like asking a lesbian to pick her favorite Chipendale dancer? Indeed, for those who call out against such events as degrading to women, is there anything more degrading than a woman posing for someone who has not an inkling of her sexual attractiveness and instead judges her on a political question?

Here's the exchange. Notice the beauty of Miss California. She could probably make a few gay men go straight with those looks. Perhaps that is what ticked off the so called "Perez Hilton" so much.


  1. I am furious over this and no, I did not watch the pageant. How did this third rate hack who is famous only because his name sounds similar to someone who IS famous, makes fun of celebrities and parades his gayness around get to be a judge in a beauty contest? What credentials does he have to judge how hot a woman is physically? Maybe he could consult them on what colors look best on them or applying the right amount of makeup but c'mon, when was the last time HE was with a hot woman? That would be like my hetero self judging a drag queen contest. He could have asked her about global warming, real or not? but instead, asked her position on gay marriage and whoa, stunner here but HE just happens to be gay. He was completely wrong for calling her names (dumb b*tch) in the press afterwards. That act just reaffirmed his low class uselessness in our society. Congrats to Ms. Prejean for speaking her mind and holding firm to her convictions. Shame on you flaming retard for being just that.

  2. Miss California is hot.

  3. Chumpster, I get what you are saying. Just remember this cracker used a pen name to sound like he was kin to that Paris bitch. I know many a brotha who would rather do Miss California than some gay guy. McCarty, the cracker that he is, got this shit right. My President ought to put an end to such gay bullshit.

  4. Perez Hilton made an awfully quick transition from respectable pageant judge to vindictive media beast