Friday, April 10, 2009

Why is the Sanford for Governor campaign still operating?

It has been been nearly two and one half years since Governor Mark Sanford was re-elected to a second consectutive term as Governor of South Carolina. As such, Governor Sanford can not seek the Governor’s office again in 2010. However, the Sanford for Governor Campaign is alive and kicking.

Looking over the Sanford for Governor’s campaign discloures from 2008 forward, it is apparent that the Governor is using his campaign for a November 2006 election for political purposes now. The Governor’s campaign has spent thousands on mail and printing since his re-election, including $6993 to the Lukens Company of Arlington, Virginia, on December 5th, 2007, and similar sums to other printers and mailing houses. The Governor’s campaign has maintained campaign mobile telephones and computer services.

Red Sea, LLC is the most notable name in direct payments. Since May 2nd, 2008, Mark Sanford’s campaign for the November 2006 general election has paid Red Sea, LLC $29,315 in consulting fees. The Mark Sanford for Governor campaign has also reimbursed various people for expenses and travel. Among them, now state senator Tom Davis, who the campaign reimbursed $681.99 on November 30th, 2007, more than a year after the election the campaign was formed for.

Senator Davis is not alone. Since November 21, 2007, Governor Sanford has been reimbursed $1,667.47 from his operation set up for the 2006 election. What is interesting is that Governor Sanford is not hurting for travel and expense money. According to his 2008 financial interests statement, he gets use of a state car for $1.00 and the state plane for $1.00. Further, the Governor got his travel to Aspen, Colorado paid for by Forstman Little Co. on September 22, 2007 and a by Koch Industries on July 8, 2007. Though Sanford’s folks try to tell us that the Club for Growth and Sanford are not closely intertwined in political moves, Club for Growth did pay $417 for Governor Sanford’s travel to speak in Manlapan, Florida on March 30th, 2007.

The money funding the continuing campaign from 2006 seems to come mostly from interest payments on the nearly 1.7 million dollar campaign fund. Though, two odd contributors should be noted. On June 17th, 2008, David B. Chittock of Hiram, OH, gave the 2006 Sanford for Governor campaign $500. On June 30th, 2008, Stanley Rumbough, Jr., of Palm Beach, Florida, gave $100. One has to wonder why someone in Ohio and in Florida would give money to the Governor of South Carolina’s campaign that was over in 2006? There are no debts to pay off. Why would people donate so?
Indeed, the entire continuing operation of the 2006 Sanford for Governor campaign smacks of hypocrisy. While it is probably legal, (several thousands have been paid to reputable accountants from the campaign), it does show that Mark Sanford is not the clean guy he portrays himself as.

Sanford and his people like to portray him as a Mr. Smith goes to Columbia type. They try to create an image of a man who is above normal politics. Well, by continuing to raise and spend money from a campaign fund meant for an election over two years ago, Sanford appears as the guy who says “do as I say, not as I do.” There is simply no credible way that Sanford can justify, using his own professed code of ethics, raising and spending money from a campaign fund that finished its public purpose over two years ago.


  1. Well WillieApril 10, 2009

    RINO McCarty, as a lawyer you should know that Mark Sanford has every right to keep his old Governor campaign going to promote himself. What are you stupid or something? Campaign finance laws are made to be taken advantage of. All the Governor is doing is making the most out of the law. What is wrong with that? Come on, putting RINOs like you in the ground costs money and time. Who can blame Sanford for having a slush fund to good with? When there are no RINOs like you left, Sanford can shut down the operation. What would have Sanford do, give the money to charity. Please.

  2. I take it you do not support Sanford for President. I do not either. Good job. Why does the media not go out and get what you found and run with it?

  3. The media isn't going to report on it because he's not doing anything wrong. As the sitting governor of a state, is he not supposed to have a privately funded political operation?

    What then, of the US Presidents who have an Office of Political Affairs INSIDE the White House that is paid for with your tax dollars?

    But don't let facts get in the way of your innuendo....

  4. Ummm... Well Willie... I seem to remember that you said that you never post on this blog again...

    You said in your comments to "The He-Man RINO haters club" post... "This is the last comment I will make on this pathetic has been's blog. I got too much money and too many women to worry about RINO losers like you."

    Well... Willie... did you lie??? Did you make an empty promise??? Did you make a pledge and fail to follow through??? You sound alot like Mark Sanford and the other so-called Republicans out there (who are the real RINOs)... true Republicans don't make empty promises!!!

  5. Frank from EasleyApril 11, 2009

    Anon I do not buy your argument. If a Governor goes around talking about how bad people are for doing what he himself is doing, someone should call him on it.

    McCarty, I get your grand illusion post now. Rex and sanford are alike in that they get paid well to try to trick us all into their way of thinking.

    Good job. I wish I could have someone pay for a vacation travel to Aspen in the summer. Hell, I would take the trip to Florida.

    And, Sanford dares to call himself a true conservative.

  6. Rev. GeorgeApril 11, 2009

    Someone should put up a "sold" sign at the city limits of Columbia. I believed Sanford was above it all. But, trips to Colorado and trying to raise and spend money now for a race two years ago? That is disappointing.

    Maybe that is how its done. But, my wife and I voted for Sanford because we thought he was different. I guess he's not. We will not support him again.

  7. Those who know me and know how hard I worked to oust Hodges in 2002 know I used to be a big Sanford partisan.

    I've watched him become a sick joke, parading under the false banner of "Leadership". He's not.

    I'm sorry I supported him or ever believed he could help fix what ails this state. He doesn't care about this state. If he did, he would have worked harder to get some of what he believed in passed into law.

  8. Possibly use for political (presidential) aspirations in 2012? I don't support him for president either and don't believe he could win his own state (where I live). I plan to do everything I can to see that that honor belongs to Governor Huckabee (we owe him, bigtime from last election)!

  9. Anon #2: Have you ever heard of ETHICS? Just because something is legal, does not make it OK to do.
    Lack of ethics is a major problem in politics.
    Joey Preston says he didn't do anything illegal. That doesn't make a business dinner at Hooters right.
    There is right and there is wrong and this is just wrong.