Thursday, May 21, 2009

Anderson County Council: Where's the Beef?

After nearly six months and tens of thousands of dollars spent on lawyers and accountants investigating the previous county council and administrators, the people of Anderson County have yet to get specifics on wrong doing. One Council member summarily dismissed a few months ago on the telephone VUI's suggestion to let SLED investigate such matters.

While VUI certainly was no fan of the previous Anderson County Council or its previous Administrator, after all the taxpayer money spent and the time spent, it is time for the new council to release something that is of substance and produce the evidence that could lead to the criminal charges that the new council inferred.

In short, Cindy Wilson, Bob Waldrep, and cohorts, God Bless your hearts, but where's the beef in your accusations? Are we the taxpayers to keep paying thousands a month for investigations that produce nothing? You have had six months. It is time to show us what you have.


  1. TaxpayerMay 21, 2009

    Mr. McCarty, you had better watch yourself. There is no way in Hades Cindy will ever appoint you to serve on a committee now.

  2. AnonymousMay 21, 2009

    This is funny. Where is the beef? Come on Uncle Bob, where is the beef? How much did we pay for it?

  3. AnonymousMay 21, 2009

    Hey, McCarty, you will find out soon enough.

  4. Cindy FanMay 22, 2009

    These things take time. Cindy can not trust SLED or Bill McAbee's cousin the Attorney General, so she has to spend time and money unraveling the web of lies from the previous years. You should know. You helped McAbee get elected. Anderson County has you to thank for Bill McAbee and his credit cards. Do not think we forget that.

    So, we will take our time and spend a million dollars, five million, ten million, whatever it takes to make sure the taxpayers know what Preston and McAbee did. There is no limit to the amount we will spend or the things we will look at.

    You should hear from us soon.

  5. Anderson JoeMay 22, 2009

    It is flat immoral what this county council is doing to Anderson County. They do not care about the county. First, they wanted to get even with people they did not like. Now, they will spend even more money to try to save face.

    They are not conservative. They are selfish big spending hacks.

    Throw the bums out!

  6. AnonymousMay 22, 2009

    I hear Working Mom asks that question every evening when she gets home. She still hasn't found it, apparently.

  7. AnonymousJune 08, 2009

    Has anyone seen Cindy's daughter lately? I've asked around and nobody seems to know....wasn't at the swearing in, or on the campaign trail last year...