Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Earl Capps for SC GOP Chairman

Fellow blogger Earl Capps is mulling over whether or not to challenge “the anointed” one Karen Floyd for Chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party at next Saturday’s convention. VUI thinks that Earl Capps should run and if he does, VUI endorses him for Chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party.

There are several reasons why. First, Earl is from the lower part of South Carolina, which is crucial in the future elections. The voting population of the state has shifted to the coast, and having an old hand at coastal politics could prove invaluable to the state party. Second, Earl is a communications professional with the education and experience to know how to communicate the party’s message to all sorts of people. As the state’s demographics continue to change, having someone with that background is key to the continued success for the Republican Party. Third, while Earl’s years of working to elect Republicans give him his GOP bona fides, Earl is not beholden to any camp financially or otherwise. In other words, a party divided by the money flowing to various consultants would have an honest broker calling the shots for the state party. Making Earl Capps Chairman would be like when Major League Baseball made Kennesaw Mountain Landis Commissioner. The state party would be worried about electing Republicans and not doing the bidding of any particular faction.

Then there is the “anointed one” Karen Floyd. The Republican Party has been through this before with Karen Floyd. Three years ago, Floyd was all but anointed by the party establishment to be the candidate for Superintendent of Education. Floyd was a disaster as a candidate, coming off fake and too polished. Though she outspent her Democratic opponent in a Republican state, Democrat Jim Rex won. Floyd espoused a narrow agenda focused on only one aspect of education, public money via tax credits or vouchers, for private schools. Regardless of how one stands on that issue, Floyd’s lack of ability to understand other issues was disturbing. It led to her upset defeat.

The Republican Party faces a time in which it simply cannot have a litmus test wielding state chairman committed to one faction of the party. Whether we Republicans like it or not, President Obama has energized Democrats, including those in South Carolina. Further, President Obama has created an atmosphere, even in South Carolina, where middle of the road voters are leaning his way. The last thing we need is for people who agree with Republicans to be told they are not welcome in the party because they disagree with the new Chairman on something such as tuition tax credits. Indeed, anyone with a brain that can understand how elections work knows that the people who give Republicans victory in the fall are RINOs to the true believers. They are the voters who believe in about 80 percent of the party platform and vote Republican and work for Republicans. If we create an atmosphere in which those so called RINOs are not welcomed, we lose in statewide races.

For an example, go back to the Rex victory over Floyd in 2006. That pure campaign lost. If it is applied to the entire state party operation, Fowler and her folks will be chomping at the bits. So what if a person wants to be a Republican but disagrees with tuition tax credits? So what if a person wants to be a Republican but thinks Sanford should take the money we already have to pay back? If that person is for tax cuts, limited government, against gun control, against abortion on demand, against gay marriage, for a strong national defense, and even just feels welcome to call himself and vote Republican, why purge him from the party?

That is why VUI supports Earl Capps for Chairman, or anyone like him that might step up. The Republican Party is the party of ideas, not one idea that all had better adhere to. The Whigs tried that back in the 1840s. A decade later, they were gone. Ten years from now, remember this post. If the South Carolina Republican Party chooses to elect a Chairman who espouses a litmus test for who is a Republican and who is a RINO, then ten years from now, South Carolina will be a blue state.


  1. Come on home, Brian. We SC Democrats will forgive you for your love of guns and your dislike of gay marriage. The Republicans are never going to accept you as truly one of their own. You like driving and tinkering with old cars, from what I understand. Republicans have to have a new one every month. You live too simply. Come on home. You know you don't fit. You know they snicker at your country ways. Come on home.

  2. Well WillieMay 06, 2009

    Brian, you drinking the bad scotch again? You gotta know that RINOs like you and Capps have no place in the new GOP. Get out. Go away. We don't need or want you. How plain can I be? You are as has been. Capps is is never was. Just go away. There are no big cows for you now.

  3. AnonymousMay 06, 2009

    Hey Well Willie, what is up with your words? You seem as dumb as Obama Man.

  4. AnonymousMay 08, 2009

    You don't support gay marriage, but you want this guy as Chairman. Hmmmm...makes a gay man think.