Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Perhaps the Two State Solution is a Mistake

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited President Obama in Washington for talks before President Obama's trip to Egypt next week. Commentators are raising their eyebrows at Netanyahu's refusal to openly back a two state solution.

Perhaps the two state solution is a mistake. It treats as equals a terrorist backed authority and a legitimate state government. Further, the Palestinians have not lived up to their agreement in 2003 to go after terrorist organizations. Indeed, their government is led by one. With the rhetoric of Hamas and others sounding eerily like the rhetoric of the Nazis, it is over optimistic to think that they will allow a two state solution. They want the Jews gone.

In 1948, the Jews agreed to a two state solution and making Jerusalem an international city. The Arabs refused and attacked. That has been the story for the past 61 years.

Indeed, all the extreme rhetoric seems to come around to one thing, getting rid of the Jews. Jews are taught to be hated in schools, mosques, and in homes. Palestinians have it ingrained to blame the Jews for their problems, their poverty and the health. So, naturally, some of them buy into it and go and kill some Jews having dinner at a pizza place. Israel gets angry and blows up a couple of apartment buildings were the murderers are. In doing so, they kill a few civilians. More fuel for the fire.

The world and the United States put pressure on Israel to pull back from some of its security measures. Indeed, Israel is more likely to be condemned for defending itself than any other nation-state on Earth. The United States certainly would not give up the things the United States asks Israel to give up. The idealism that created the state Israel was based upon the idea that a people who had been a victim of genocide would be safe and free from that threat. It was also said back then, never again. Well, ask the Christians in Darfur about that one.

Benjamin Netanyahu is savvy and smart. It is no shock that after 60 years of being told no for all sorts of reasons by the Palestinians that he did not embrace the two state solution. In is in the interest of the United States that a democracy such as Israel remains free and secure. It is immoral to not make sure that a people that went through so much are not allowed to be secure in their own borders now. After sixty years of the two state solution being tossed about, perhaps it is time to consider some other solution.


  1. AnonymousMay 19, 2009

    Zionist Pig!

  2. working momMay 19, 2009

    How arrogant do you get? You are saying that all the years of negotiating are wrong and that you and what's his name from Israel have a better idea?

    Brian McCarty thinking he has a clue about the middle east is the biggest joke I have ever heard. You are a buffoon.

    What's next, you going to write how you think AIDS or cancer can be cured?

  3. AnonymousMay 19, 2009

    Thank you, Mr. McCarty