Friday, May 15, 2009

Politics makes strange bedfellows

Earlier this week Will Folks over at FITSNEWS was again criticizing Adam Fogle of Richard Quinn and Associates for something Fogle wrote on his blog, the Palmetto Scoop. Those who read either of their blogs know the two scrape at one another from time to time.

But, it seems that they have found a common enemy: Lt. Governor Andre Bauer. With Folk’s pet candidate, Rep. Nikki Haley of Lexington County in the race for Governor, and Fogle working for Richard Quinn, who is handling McMaster’s campaign, the two found friendship yesterday in writing about charges that Lt. Governor Andre Bauer’s chief of staff will resign due to some sort of scandal with Senior Shield. Folk’s FITSNEWS post even cited Fogle’s Palmetto Scoop post. Wow.

The casual political observer might wonder how two men who scrape with one another seem to now join forces, as least for a post. It is simple, both Haley and McMaster need Bauer out of the picture. Haley needs the Lexington County GOP vote without any other Lexington County power in the picture. McMaster needs to be the only candidate with statewide ties on the ticket. There is also some of the aged old sentiment of “I hate that guy, but I hate that guy more,” involved.

The problem with the Folks and the Fogle posts is that neither offers any details about the alleged scandal revolving around Jim Miles. Those two guys are plugged in and it is unusual for them not to lay out the red meat details. Until the details are laid out, VUI reserves judgment on Bauer or Miles. As of now, this smacks of an effort to make political moves to ease Bauer out of the race.


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