Friday, June 26, 2009

Bauer to face some nasty political pitches now that he is in the show

In baseball terms, the major leagues are considered “the show.” When a minor league player makes it a few days in the majors, or a career, he is said to have been “in the show.” Well, Lt. Governor Bauer, welcome to the show of politics.

The lackeys around Governor Mark Sanford are scrambling to hold on to their position of relevance and have started a rather interesting campaign of sorts against Lt. Governor Bauer. Their campaign mantra seems to be “well, if if Sanford resigns, that guy is Governor.”

Hardly the stuff that great political movements are made of. But, it is what can be expected of the Sanford lackeys. They have used the politics of personal destruction at every opportunity to tear a riff in the Republican Party and they got paid well for doing so. You can bet that if Bobby Harrell had went out of the country to meet a mistress those calling for “privacy” and “time” would be calling for Harrell’s political scalp.

Now, those resources will be turned on Andre Bauer. The reason? Making Bauer look worse than Sanford can keep Sanford in office and salvage any investment made by Howard Rich and company. Democrats will chime in, because they want a ridiculed Governor Sanford in office in November of 2010. Other Republican contenders will chime in as well, as they do not want to run against a sitting Governor Bauer. . Before it is over, I would not be shocked if Bauer got blamed for the death of Michael Jackson by those folks. They are going to get ugly with the heir apparent.

Welcome to the show, Lt. Governor Bauer, the pitches you are about to get are going to be nasty. Wait and see.


  1. AnonymousJune 26, 2009

    How much money do you want Mr. McCarty to shut the hell up?

  2. Well WillieJune 26, 2009

    Andre is gay, and isn't it better to have a cheating Governor who sleeps with a woman not his wife than a gay one?

  3. Working MomJune 26, 2009

    Give Brian McCarty four cases of beer and a hooker. He will be done then. Thank God. That is all it takes. Come one, let's take up a collection. Let's help Brian go on to his maker, naked and drunk.

    Praise God, I have God's warriors working against you Brian McCarty, and that evil little man, Earl Capps. Andre Bauer is third on my list. He is perverted in the eyes of God.

  4. AnonymousJune 26, 2009

    Don't cry for me Carolina was a song on Sean Hannity. Funny stuff. SC is just a joke.

    Hey, didn't that "gay" Lt. Governor sleep with a playboy bunny.

    Beats going South for for an Argentine MILF.

  5. AnonymousJune 26, 2009

    Rick Driver says not to read this.

  6. Frank JohnsonJune 26, 2009

    Andre, study up young man. You are about to have the promotion of a lifetime. Sanford can not last, even with the Michael Jackson's death.

  7. AnonymousJune 26, 2009

    I am not sure who or what is spreading what. But I can tell you that "Governor Bauer" is pretty scary. Who would have thunk that the light gov. may even have the opportunity.

    If you think we are in trouble now, wait until Andre is in charge.


  8. Bauer has to face some nasty political bitches ... you mean Working Mom and Well Willie, right?

    Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't read it right ... oh yeah, it still fits.

  9. Gresham for GovernorJune 26, 2009

    Bauer as Governor would be welcomed by this Barrett supporter. Bauer would mess up so badly, Gresham would win without a runoff.

  10. AnonymousJune 26, 2009

    You deserve more credit than you get from people. On other blogs, the attacks against Bauer are beginning, just you said they would, albeit through the comments sections.

    You hit it dead on.

  11. Obama ManJune 26, 2009

    Oh Shit cracker, this whole thing is so damn funny. Sanford was doing his thing for white on brown relations and you pale crackers want him to resign for that? Cracker please.

    Sanford is a pale cracker, but he's got a little brown on the side. As long as Governor Cracker ain't messin with a sista, plantation style, I say let the cracker stay.

    Besides all you crackers go out and have fake sex on the internet. It is the only way you can get laid with your little crackers. And, you little crackers are laying yourselves. At least Governor Cracker went and tapped that thing.

    As for Andre Bauer, just say that cracker is livin' on the down low. I don't know who is pitching, but that cracker probably can catch.

    Thank God I am a Democrat. I think my President needs to take over this sorry ass state ran by weak little crackers.

    I mean, can't Governor Cracker be man enough to say he wants some brown to tap? What is all that cracker crying shit? Cracker, please.

  12. AnonymousJune 27, 2009

    can we somehow skip Andre Bauer?

  13. Working Mom, you know you love it when I get evil with you. Other people have even seen that.