Saturday, June 06, 2009

D-Day Plus 65

It is hard for most of us to accept. But, more people died training for the D-Day invasion of France than who died in the Iraq War. Thousands more died to free Europe from Nazi tyranny. Thousands of men died that day. Those who survived pushed forward to create a beach head against the evil that was Nazizm.

Those men who died and those men who pushed forward were mostly just average guys, the sons of farmers and mill workers. They risked all that they had and all that they would ever going to be for the ideal of freedom. People prayed for them. But, the issue was not decided.

General Dwight D. Eisenhower kept in the breast pocket of his shirt a speech about the failure of the D-Day invasion. Even the Supreme Commander of Allied Forces had his doubts. For the D-Day invasion was the most daring military operation in human history. It was debatable that such an operation could succeed.

But, the D-Day operation did succeed. The heroes that died on the beach and the heroes who fought on to establish the beach heads changed the world as we know it. They were fighters for liberty, not for conquest.

Twenty five years ago, then President Ronald Reagan put it best in his remarks. Watch them below. Let us never forget those boys who took on a juggernaut while they were sea sick and afraid. Somehow, those American boys found a way to make it work. We seem to forget how bad war really was at one time and how much we owe to those who gave the full measure of devotion to our country.

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