Monday, June 29, 2009

Democrat Health Care Plan reeks

While it was proposed by then candidate Obama to work for universal health care without forcing people to participate, the plans of the Democrats in the United States Congress are doing just that, raising taxes and carving out costs for union special interests.

Back in 2008, the idea was floated that those who could not get affordable health insurance could opt into the Medicare plan. Though it would cost a great bit, such an idea is better than what is passing for plans today.

Under the proposals being considered most seriously, opting in is not an option. All Americans will be required to have health insurance coverage. That is a boondoggle for the insurance industry that has contributed millions to members of Congress on both sides of the aisle.

Further, if someone has what is being termed a "gold plated" policy, that is one that is valued above the policies of federal employees, taxes will have to be paid on that policy's "gold plated" value. Let that sink in. The federal government is going to require you to have health insurance. However, if your coverage is too good, they are going to tax you on it. However, if you are in a union insurance deal, you will be exempt. Why, again, it goes back to money. The unions have given millions to Obama and the Democrats leading Congress.

How does that provide for better health care for Americans?

Such is the result of the billions of dollars of contributions to both parties and the idea prevailing that government must do something about health care. Big business is making sure big government makes you buy their product and big government is making sure that if you buy too good a product, you are punished, unless you are part of big labor and pay union dues that are partly sent to the politicians for their re-election campaigns.

It is nonsense. Yet, it is taken with all serious consideration by the Congress and the President of the United States. It happened before when President Bush pushed through prescription coverage for medicare. It sounded so good, but what big government did was confuse old people and give insurances companies a big payday. Such is what happens when big business makes big government act.

Here is a crazy idea. One that could never happen. Reduce federal regulation of health care. Return it to the states entirely. Let insurance companies offer their products as regulated by the states. Encourage the states to come up with clinics or the like where doctors can work for free for the uninsured or the underprivileged. Perhaps the states could be encouraged to create more public hospitals. Lawyers have to work free or for reduced fees to represent indigent parties in the legal system. Why not ask doctors to do the same?

I know it is not the most conservative proposal in the world, but in the environment we are in, at least it would keep people from being forced to buy coverage and taxed on that coverage.

In the ideal world, the market would be left to decide such things. However, in the Obama Era, we are not in that ideal world. There will be something done by the federal government on health care. Let's just hope that the rights of people to make their own choices in life are not trampled in some sort of lobbyist dream legislation.


  1. I live in the United States
    I am 62
    I am self employed.
    I am in good health but my wife has a pacemaker, high cholesterol, and mild osteoporosis.
    All I can afford is catastrophic health insurance.
    My Blue Shield family plan for my wife and myself costs us $900 a month
    The deductible is $8000 per year so I rarely see a doctor unless it’s an emergency.
    I have tried every option..even starting my own group plan.
    But the premiums would be more than my mortgage payment.
    I don’t think I can continue this way, especially with my business being down because of the economy.
    I am thinking about canceling my health insurance and taking a chance that I won’t need a heart bypass, get cancer or need a liver transplant.
    If I do, I am told I can file for bankruptsy.
    Any ideas?

    P.S. I envy those who live in Japan, Korea, England, Canada, Taiwan, France, etc etc. Right now I’d settle for a socialized medicine. I might have to wait for treatment but it’s a lot better than the private health insurance plan I have now.
    Anyone out there in my shoes whose got a more affordable plan???

    Most people in America get their health insurance subsidized by someone...the government or their employer. Someone else is footing a big part of the bill...and it's tax free too. So they are already in a socialized system.
    What we need is equal coverage for all us self employed folks. The Republicans talk about us as if we are the backbone of the country. But when it comes to looking out for our needs...they could care less. After all, why should they. They've all got a wonderful healthcare plan.

  2. Norris:

    I thank you for your thoughtful and obviously heartfelt comment. Though I try not to get too personal on this blog, as a small business owner, I understand some of the things you are talking about.

    The thing is, the Democrats are not going to leave you or I better off. They will take care of union workers, but not the small businessman who is not in a union.

    The problem is both parties are so bought and paid for in Washington that there is little chance for sensible health care reform.

    I personally wonder what happened to Obama's medicare opt in of this time last year?