Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sanford stays on, and so it begins

Governor Mark Sanford met with his cabinet Friday, apologized to them, and made it clear he plans to stay on as Governor. Thus, the great headaches discussed in VUI’s previous post about why Sanford should resign have begun.

It started with Sanford comparing himself to King David of the Bible. One thing to note, Governor, King David did not sneak off to meet his mistress and cry about it on national television. King David was interested in a woman and sent her husband off to die in combat. It was wrong, but it was a bit more manly. King David had a pair, so to speak. It is the height of hubris and perhaps a touch of insanity that makes Sanford compare himself with King David.

Then came Jenny Sanford commenting to the press that remains camped outside her location about how she did not want Governor Sanford going to see the woman from Argentina. As predicted, more heartache for the Sanford family the longer Governor Sanford hangs on to office. I would not have asked the questions the press around her did, but let’s be frank, as long as Sanford is Governor, asking his wife such questions, which made her cry at the end of the press event, are fair game in today’s politics. It was a sad display. Something we ought not to see. But, Sanford chose it by making moves to hold on to office.

Also as predicted, legislators started asking serious questions. State Senator Jake Knotts of Lexington County called for an investigation into the Governor’s trips and behavior. That was expected, and frankly, understandable. A simple resignation by the Governor could avoid making the South Carolina General Assembly take up that matter and other matters related to the Governor’s office instead of concentrating on the problems that face the state.

Then there is the Lt. Governor, Andre Bauer. Blog comments have already started attacking him, as VUI predicted. Sanford supporters and lackeys are already out there spinning whatever rumor they can about the Lt. Governor and how awful it would be if Sanford stepped aside.

Fair enough. VUI realizes there is a lot of politics at play here. So many do not want Bauer as the sitting Governor, and others want Sanford to kick around. The problem is that Mark Sanford spent his entire career telling us how he was for his principles and for South Carolina. Well, now is the time for him to shine in that regard. He can continue the madness that seems to come from a self ego bigger than life and remain in office and create divisions and chaos in his own party, and brings attention to his family, or he can resign.

The longer Mark Sanford stays in office as Governor of South Carolina, the more bitterness and infighting in the Republican Party, the weaker the office of Governor of South Carolina grows. Perhaps Governor Sanford should concern himself less with King David and more with Richard Nixon. When Richard Nixon realized that fighting to stay in office would hurt his party, and the institution of the office he held, he had the courage to check his ego and resign, despite his personal angry feelings about how events had developed.

As before, VUI says for himself, his family, and his state, Mark Sanford should resign. The developments of the past few days make that clear.


  1. AnonymousJune 27, 2009

    Well said. But, I doubt the Gubner will heed it. Jakie gets those who cross him. Gubner, you should have not messed with that old fat guy.

  2. Brian, I have enjoyed your remarks about this situation. You have been dead on about what is going on and what will happen next.

    I guess that means you don't have a political career in SC anymore. LOL.

  3. AnonymousJune 27, 2009

    WOW! Perhaps things are changing. Normally one of the first two comments is from a Libertarian in sheep's clothing calling you a RINO when in fact they are the ones that cause us old-timers to scratch our hairless heads trying to figure out why they think they represent traditional Republican family and social values.

  4. AnonymousJune 28, 2009

    Where's Working Mom with her strap-on for Well Willie and Obama Man?