Friday, July 17, 2009

This weeks VUI Top 9: Hillary Clinton

Much as been made about what has happened to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. President Obama has made some big foreign trips recently without his Secretary of State. There evens seems to be silence from Secretary Clinton's office. Well, VUI offers the Top 9 reasons we have not heard from Hillary Clinton recently. Again, we offer 9 because we are not smart enough to come up with 10...with respect to David we go:

9) Pain killers for a broken elbow don't mix well with a shot of bourbon and a beer.

8) Hillary is hanging out in Dick Cheney's old undisclosed location.

7) Hillary does not do third world countries.

6) Hillary saw Vice President Biden speak the other day and thought: "hmmm, sometimes it is best to just shut the hell up."

5) Hillary is tired of Putin's cheap vodka. Let Obama deal with that hangover.

4) Hillary is not sure how to deal with life now that torture is not cool.

3) President Obama appointed Hillary to be Vice President Biden's "personal sounding board."

2) Hillary is coming up with a secret plan to make pants suits the way to overthrow the regimes in Iran and North Korea.

1) Hillary is spending all of her time trying to keep Bill out of Argentina.

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  1. Obama ManJuly 18, 2009

    You forgot that big butt. Hillary has that MILF butt going on that has to really piss Mrs. Obama off.