Monday, September 14, 2009

Another new humor item from VUI: you tube moments

In the great mix between political commentary and downright comedy, the staff at VUI decided to offer, from time to time, Youtube videos, that well, were better left undone.

This video is from a guy upset with Kanye West's dissing of Taylor Swift at the MTV Music Awards. Sure, West acted a fool, but is it enough to take your shirt off and rap about it? Probably not.

Here we go, the first of the series of Youtube videos we really never wanted to see.


  1. Is you a clown or a political pundit, fool?

  2. I want this gut to run for Governor.

  3. Southern FriedSeptember 17, 2009

    Again, here you ago again giving some black guy a forum on your blog.

  4. Gays for InglisSeptember 18, 2009

    This racist. You should be censored.

    Re-elect Bob Inglis