Monday, September 21, 2009

Ending the damage of Jimmy Carter and his

There has been a disturbing movement over the past week that contends those of us who question the policies of President Obama are racist. Those forces seem all too eager to lump those of us who ask questions with the nut jobs.

So, let’s make VUI’s position clear. First, and foremost, Barack Obama is the legitimate President of the United States. The man was born in Hawaii and established himself in Illinois. President Obama has had a remarkable rise to power and prominence and as such, deserves respect. Those folks who think that President Obama is a man who somehow stole power should place their tinfoil hats on snugly. The Mother Ship is calling.

That said, the President is wrong on several important issues. The President’s health care reform seems to be a measure to merge big insurance with big government. The President’s decision to abandon the missile defense system in Eastern Europe is in an insult to long term American friends and shows a marked ignorance of the dangers of the world. Other Presidential decisions have been flawed and deserved loud and clear criticism.

Loud and clear criticism of those in power is the crux of American freedom. Dubbing people as racist, one of the most potent slurs in our society, for daring to criticize those in power is troubling. As said before, to his credit, the President does not go down that road. However far too many of the President’s supporters do embrace calling the President’s critics racist. Such alienates further those who feel alienated and helps to poison the political debate to the point where rational and civil debate to the problems that face us become more unlikely.

It is time that rational supporters of the President respectfully dismiss the remarks of the elderly former President and those who use the former President for cover to espouse their own race baiting and partisan posturing.


  1. What about ending the damage you do?

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