Thursday, September 17, 2009

Enough about racism and Obama criticism

First, as a white guy, or “cracker” as reader Obama Man puts it, I do not know what it is like to Black in America. I do know how it is to be Southern, white and accused of being a racist when there is not a racist bone in my body. It is illogical and inefficient to be prejudiced in the business, political or sports world on anything but performance. It is illogical and downright stupid to be prejudiced on anything in one’s personal life other than upon who shows you respect and concern and who does not.

That is why VUI rejected racist tendencies in the GOP and took on some issues that others rather not discuss. This time, it is time for VUI to call enough on racism and President Obama.

For years now, those who argue against the idea of reverse discrimination have told us that such is impossible because someone with power, i.e, white people, cannot be a victim of racism. Carrying that line of logic to its logical outcome, there is no way the most powerful man on the planet can be a victim.

Does racism exist? Of course it does. But, the President of the United States cannot be a victim. The President and his White House staff have correctly stayed away from such. However, some of their biggest supporters, such as former President Jimmy Carter and others, have not. Why they choose to see the nation’s first African American President as the first President to be weak enough to be a victim is something for them to search their own hearts about. I respect Barack Obama too much to give him any slack over his skin color. Obama went for the big job and he got it. And, frankly, Jimmy Carter is a very old man. Old people get confused.

Of course, some politicians are not confused and are just looking for a political hit with the Wilson outburst. Take these remarks as reported by the AP from Congressman Hank Johnson of Georgia:

On the Democratic side, Rep. Hank Johnson, D-Ga., accused Wilson of instigating racist sentiment against the president and sending the signal that "you don't have to bury it now. You can bring it out."
"I guess we'll probably have folks putting on white hoods and white uniforms again and riding through the countryside intimidating people," Johnson, who is black, told reporters. "That's the logical conclusion if this kind of attitude is not rebuked. Congressman Wilson represents it. He's the face of it."

Johnson’s remarks are incredible. He should be rebuked by the House. But, that will not happen. Accusing a Southern Congressman who had an unfortunate outburst of being the face of the Klan is okay today. Further, such remarks actually could stoke a racial divide that does not exist. Such might be good for the Congressman’s re-election fund raising, but it is not good for the nation.

Also, what Carter and Johnson seem to be ignorant of is the natural rough and tumble of Presidential politics.

All of the President’s predecessors were white, and they faced much harsher criticism than a Congressman yelling out “you lie” or some cartoons. Abraham Lincoln was portrayed in the New York papers as a baboon. They also accused Mrs. Lincoln of being a spy for the Confederacy. (Can you imagine how it would be handled if major papers accused Mrs. Obama of spying for terrorists?)

The first President Bush was a true war hero, yet, cartoonists often showed him with a purse, emphasizing that they thought he was a wimp. The Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi called the second President Bush stupid. The list goes on from Washington to Obama. Jimmy Carter ought to remember being ridiculed for being attacked by a rabbit when he was fishing. The following cartoon compares George W. Bush as an ape.

When someone takes on the job of President of the United States, that person becomes the most recognized person in the United States, if not the world. As such, there are those who will hate the President because of his choice of dog. There are others who will love the President because they fantasize about sleeping with him. Just because President Obama is African American does not insulate him from the good and bad things about the office. It is an insult to the President and all he has accomplished as a person to suggest otherwise. Those supporters of the President suggesting that criticism of him is based on racism should check themselves and how they really see the President and the world.


  1. This is one of the most racially insensitive posts I have ever read. I bet you have never even socialized with black people or ever been to a black person's home.

    We whites are guilty of so much and we have to give Obama a break, because his Presidency means so much to people we screwed over.

  2. Southern FriedSeptember 17, 2009

    More liberal pro black bullshit from a black lover like you, Brian McCarty.

    Ron Wilson for President!

  3. You are certainly a cracker's cracker. My President will but an end to this cracker bullshit.

    The white women who line up for my loving hate Joe "the small cracker" Wilson.

    Face reality, cracker. Obama is my President and he is going to kick your cracker ass. Praise God.

  4. Obama man... How can you express such filth and racial hatred and then praise God? You have been totally eluded to the truth that Obama is not overly concerned about his race but for the better good of the people of the United States of America. Whether they are white, African-America, Hispanic or any other race he is the President of the United States and probably call you the same thing he called Kanye West.

  5. Whether you are black or white, I have a couple questions for all who read this blog:

    When was the last time that someone of different race/ethnic group was in your home as a guest???

    When was the last time that you sat next to someone of different race/ethnic group at church???

    I can tell you that Brian talks the talk and walks the walk. I can vouch that Brian has and does socialize with people of different races and ethnic groups on a regular basis, including welcoming them as guests at parties at his home.

    Can any of you say the same (and I am not just talking about where you work)???

  6. Southern FriedSeptember 17, 2009

    No one doubted how liberal RINO McCarty is, with his mixed bag of nuts.

    It don't play well here, boy.

    Resign from the Anderson GOP NOW!

  7. Your are a racist idiot.

  8. Southern FriedSeptember 18, 2009

    Why would I sit or eat with some black person? Just to please RINO McCarty?

    Leave the Anderson GOP, boy, your kind ain't welcomed here. We are sick of your Black loving ways and how you don't support Cindy and Eddie.

    You ain't welcomed around here, boy. Leave us be.

  9. Southern Fried, are you saying that people of color are not welcomed in the Anderson County GOP? Are you saying that for anyone?