Monday, September 14, 2009

Obama's insurance company subsidy plan

Liberals have contended for years that the poor and the otherwise uninsurable need health care coverage. For a moment, let’s accept that premise.

How does the Obama plan help that happen? Obama and the Democrats who support his plan contend that the plan will offer either a public option for health insurance coverage or a co-op plan for coverage, depending on the Democrat quoted in the press. Fair enough.

What is not often discussed is that people without coverage will be required to have it or face a federal fine enforced by the IRS. Let’s consider for a moment how it could affect the people Obama claims to help. Suppose someone makes eight dollars an hour. After taxes, that person takes home about $275 a week. That is around $1100 a month. Assuming that that person has rent at about $400 a month, automobile expenses about $200 a month, various utilities about the same amount, and groceries and other basic living expenses, and that $1100 goes away pretty quickly. Those folks, for whatever reason, simply cannot afford a health insurance policy.

The President says he will offer them an affordable policy. But most estimates have that at least $200 a month. The people the President claims to help are already choosing to buy groceries and pay the electric bill instead of buying a health insurance policy. A tax credit on the next year’s tax return will not put money in their pockets to buy a policy today. Fining them for not having a policy will only add to their hardship. Indeed, Obama’s health care plan results in a tax on people for being too poor to have insurance.

So, have no illusions, liberals, the health care reform plan offered by the President and the Democrats in Congress does not help the poor as you think it will. It hurts them, along with the middle class. What the so called reform will do is line the pockets of insurance companies, who have lobbied the Obama Administration and Congress well. Big government today is not for the average working person, it is for the lobbyist who lines up the campaign contributions.

Think on it. Who benefits the most from the Obama health care plan? The answer is the insurance companies, who have lined his and Congressional campaign pockets. The insurance companies will reap the benefits of the federal government using its power to force people to buy health insurance. The insurance companies will reap the benefits of the federal government using taxpayer money to subsidize them directly or indirectly. The Obama health care plan is big government, influenced heavily by big insurance, setting up the American people for the big rip off.

Those on the Left have made much ado about Congressman Joe Wilson’s outburst of “You lie” to the President during last week’s Presidential address to Congress. Ironically, if one examines the plan and considers what it will do, it seems the biggest lie is to the so called progressives who believe that President Obama and the Democrats in Congress are actually trying to help poor people get health care.

Make no mistake. The Obama plan is not government run health care. The Obama plan is lobbyist run health care, with the emphasis being on making the most money for the clients of the lobbyists. That is why big government does not work.

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