Saturday, September 26, 2009

Top 9 things (not) overheard in Newberry County at the GOP debate and Democratic stump meeting

9) Dwight Drake—“Hey boy, Hey boy, I whipped your daddy at things, now I am going to whip you. You should have stayed in Camden.”

8) Gresham Barrett—“I love my wife, I love my wife, great God Almighty, I really love my wife. That should do it for me. Loving my wife, that is my policy.”

7) Nikki Haley—“But, I am prettier than Maria or Sarah. And, I am also good at math.”

6) Robert Ford—“Someone told me that there would be food and women at this event?”

5) Vincent Sheehen—“ Dad, Uncle Bob, who are these geezers I am up here with? A little help please.”

4) Andre Bauer—“I hope Mark Sanford does not resign, so I can run….Hey Nikki, are those Prada?”

3) Jim Rex—“Note to self, be sure to drink plenty of coffee to stay awake during the other guys speeches and my own.”

2) Mullins McLeod—“Hot damn, Jenny Sanford is writing a book.”

1) Henry McMaster—“I am trying to find a way to lock up all these political bloggers and throw away the key.”

Laugh people. Feel free to offer your own comments (not) overheard in the comments sections. Let’s see what sense of humor you readers have.

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