Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Who we are from Brian McCarty

Earl Capps over at the Blogland recently posted about blog transparency and who was financing the supposed influential voices in South Carolina political blogs. Earl raised an interesting point. It does seem that some of those screaming the loudest online are getting paid very well to do so.

Well, in light of Earl Capps’s post and the questions he posed to the South Carolina blogging community, we at VUI thought we would be clear about who we are. No one pays VUI for blogging. The one ad on the blog for a business is a favor by me to an old friend. The other ads are for charity. Further, when I refer to the staff of VUI, they do exist. There is a group of family and friends who offer post ideas and pointers along the way. Their perspectives vary. But, know, that no one pays them to offer an idea or pays for VUI to post anything.

Thus, with VUI, what you read is what you get. We do our best to call it like it is and be a voice for those who are not funded by political consultants or special interest groups. VUI does not receive any money or favors at the local, state or national level. It is understood that fact is a great source of irritation to some people. So be it.

All of us involved with VUI are humbled and grateful for the recognition this blog has received over the past couple of years. It is even more humbling when some of the bloggers who we go up against are paid to blog. We are just using what spare time we have to talk about things we think need talking about and to entertain people as well. VUI thanks all of its readers for reading and commenting, even when you disagree. I personally thank those friends and relatives who offer ideas and pointers and perspectives that keep this blog fresh in its approach. Rest assured, as long as VUI remains, it will be an honest voice, right or wrong, not bought or paid for by anyone. Some have alluded that there is a cost to be paid for such independence. So be it. For what price does a man set for his voice and his soul?


  1. You are just mad that you don't get paid like I do, bitch. I get paid. You just waste your talent, what little of it that you have. That is nothing to be proud of, my RINO bitch.

  2. You are a self righteous asshole. I can't wait for the day you are knocked off that high horse. What you did to Bill and me was inexcusable. Was that being right?

  3. What, people can get paid for just running off at the mouth? Where do we sign up for the paychecks?

  4. What did yo do to Bill and me?

  5. "By filing posted complaints of election fraud to the Attorney Generals in selected states, you can help clear the path to articles of Impeachment"...(Did you read "The End Game"?) go to and you will know the truth.

    By the way Well Willie you are disgusting.

  6. Bourbon JoeOctober 01, 2009

    You lie!