Wednesday, September 16, 2009

With friends like Bob Inglis, who needs enemies?

Congressman Joe Wilson continued to catch flack over his outburst during last week’s Presidential address. In a move that makes the Democratic leadership look like thin skinned Obama sycophants to the rest of the world, the Democratic leadership in the House engineered a resolution disapproving of Congressman Wilson’s remarks last week. (For example, the British, with their famous Question Time in Parliament, are laughing at our thin skins.)

Think on it. Dare to cry out in the people’s House against our great leader, and the leadership will engineer a resolution to condemn you. Such seems Orwellian, but it is expected of Pelosi and company. What was not expected was a South Carolina Republican, Bob Inglis, voting in favor of such a resolution.

Usually, members of a state congressional delegation, especially those within the same party, are close. They work with one another and stand with one another. Inglis chose another way. Indeed, Joe Wilson had a better political friend Tuesday in Democratic District of Columbia Delegate Eleanor Holmes then he did his fellow South Carolina Republican Bob Inglis.

What is the reason for Bob Inglis’s move against Wilson? There are several possibilities. First, Bob Inglis has a Sanford like streak of going his own way, and not caring about working with others in his own party. Second, there is the fact that Wilson’s former law partner, state senator David Thomas, is running against Inglis. Could Inglis be so petty as to go after Wilson for such reasons?

Regardless the reason, Joe Wilson learned Tuesday that with friends like Bob Inglis, who needs enemies? Republicans will have to decide how to deal with Inglis at the polls next June.


  1. I get the feeling that the resolution had less to do with the outburst and more to do with the fact that Joe Wilson's statement was wrong.

  2. Joe Wilson is a racist. You are a racist. Anyone who disagree with President Obama has a problem with Black people.

    You can not help being racist. You are from an ignorant backwards town and was educated in the South.

    Know your place, boy.

  3. Southern FriedSeptember 17, 2009

    Don't hide your black loving self, Brian McCarty. You know you would have rebuked Wilson if you were in Congress.


  4. Whether you are black or white, I have a couple questions for all who read this blog:

    When was the last time that someone of different race/ethnic group was in your home as a guest???

    When was the last time that you sat next to someone of different race/ethnic group at church???

    I can tell you that Brian talks the talk and walks the walk. I can vouch that Brian has and does socialize with people of different races and ethnic groups on a regular basis, including welcoming them as guests at parties at his home.

    Can any of you say the same (and I am not just talking about where you work)???

  5. Gays for InglisSeptember 18, 2009

    Re-elect Bob Inglis!