Thursday, November 12, 2009

Enough of blaming victims for evil acts

The media started the notion of blaming the victims years ago with the Columbine High School shootings. Various media reports lamented about how the shooters were picked on and were outcasts, and that, along with the ease of access to guns, caused them to kill.

Now, some media reports are coming out that the terrorist attack against US Army troops by Major Nidal Hasan could have been motivated by others who ridiculed or placed the terrorist Hasan as an outcast. One report from CNN quotes a cousin of Major Nidal Hasan as stating:

"They wouldn't treat him as if he is one of them. He was a major in the Army and other majors wouldn't treat him equally as a major should be treated," the cousin said. " 'Yes, you are a major in the U.S. Army, but you are still an Arab, a Muslim, you have your own traditions and values and we have ours.' He was bothered by that a lot. He wasn't respected as he should have been.”

Liberal bloggers have followed suit, lamented about how Hasan was “bullied” and how he had easy access to guns.

What bull manure. Poor Nidal Hasan, he was disrespected by his colleagues because he sided with Islamic extremists. No wonder the poor guy attacked innocent people. And, how could he help himself, being bullied so, and guns so easy to get in America?

Make no mistake, leftist politically correct people are working hard to make this about the faults of the victims and not about the terrorist Hasan and his horrible act. That is their nature. To them, no one is evil, they just act because Western society gives them evil choices. To them, Hasan is no murdering terrorist. Instead, to them, Hasan is a victim of discrimination who lashed out the only way he could, with weapons provided by our gun rights.

So, look for stories to come out over the next few weeks from media and bloggers about how non-discrimination efforts and gun control could have prevented the terrorist act at Fort Hood. As those stories come out and that point of view gains respect, Islamic extremists will likely revel in delight at the embracing of ignorance by the so called media elite of America.

Only in America can the victims eventually be blamed for the act of an evil attacker. When we will wake up and see the nature of our enemies and have the guts to hold people accountable for their violent acts? Being harassed or bullied for being odd does not give one a right to kill. Indeed, Hasan’s terrorist attack seems to justify the concerns his colleagues had about him.


  1. Allah is great and you are a fool.

  2. I love the easy access to weapons line. Wasn't this guy a soldier on an Army base? The fault here lies with the US Government not doing thorough background checks and not watching over questionable service members. Yes I said watching over. If that's profiling I don't care. Anyone with a tie to an enemy whether religiously or otherwise should be watched and checked out.

  3. Leave it to you to call the poor guy picked on for his religion a terrorist. You just like beating up on weak people, don't you?

    I am teaching my children to be loving and accepting of people of different faiths and cultures.

    Your mom should have taught you that.