Sunday, November 22, 2009

Global warming might cause an increase in prostitution and the $300 million dollar woman

Saturday in the fall is sacred to VUI. Someday, when archaeologists look at American culture, they will likely discuss the religion known as college football. However, yesterday some good old fashioned left wing big government stuff was going on as well as football.

Let's start in the Philippines. If you think that Al Gore gets a little melodramatic, meet the United Nations Food Population Fund's Sunesta Mulcherjee of the Philippines. According to the Philippines news website, Mulcherjee stated, " climate change could reduce income from farming and fishing, possibly driving some women into sex work..."

In Southern terms, your mama and your sister could be walking the streets if you keep driving that king cab truck, Bubba. Shoot, if we don't stop this, Santa Claus might be wearing a red "wifebeater" tank top instead of a red suit. Keep that mental image in your mind every time you want to drive somewhere. The left logic does have an upside, though. The next time you have a few too many beers, you can blame it on global warming, " I was just so damn hot from this climate change, I had to keep drinking beer to cool off."

You might need a beer when you learn about the United States Senate's $300 million dollar woman, Mary Landrieu of Louisiana. When the procedural vote on health care reform came down to her vote, the Senator from Louisiana demanded the government spend $300 million in her state. The Democratic leadership went along, because, what's $300 million when you are spending a couple of trillion already? Landrieu actually bragged about her $300 million on the Senate floor. So much for being so worried about the health care of people first.

It is not known how much, if any, of the federal spending in Louisiana will go to teach the LSU football coaching staff how to count. Those of you who watched the end of the Ole Miss-LSU game understand. The LSU staff's inability to count and to manage a game can be chuckled at. However, their Senator's ability to count too well the dollars from our government to help her get re-elected is no laughing matter at all. Maybe Landrieu can blame it on global warming.


  1. Is George W. Bush the coach of LSU? I mean, can't we blame him for it somehow?

  2. Cindy Wilson for GovernorNovember 22, 2009

    You mean Santa Claus is not supposed to show up in a wifebeater? I guess he is not supposed smoke winston red's and smell of Early Times whiskey, too. You done went and ruined Christmas for me.

  3. Maybe global warming causes those longer than four hour erections those Viagra ads warn about.

  4. I wonder how much global warming is caused by all the hot air you put out! You are so insensitive to other people and their problems! You are a patootie.