Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Oh Henry!

Attorney General Henry McMaster has to be hating what is going on in regards to Mark Sanford right now. As South Carolina's Attorney General, McMaster has the duty of prosecuting Sanford's wrongdoings or turning over such to a special prosecutor.

Prosecuting Sanford on his wrongdoings could alienate important people who might otherwise support McMaster for the office of Governor. Turning over such duties to someone else might make McMaster look weak. In stark political terms, there is is no way McMaster likes what is coming out of the SC Ethics Commission or other stories from the likes of DOT and DSS.

As it stands right now, Henry McMaster is the favorite for the Republican Gubernatorial nomination, which makes him the favorite for the Governor's chair in January, 2011. While McMaster and his people are sizing up their announced political opponents, perhaps their biggest opponent is Governor Mark Sanford. It is Governor Sanford who makes the Attorney General look weak and indecisive. It is Mark Sanford who clings to office to play the role of political albatross around the nominee's neck.

Oh Henry! What do you do? Go after the Governor and elevate one of your opponents, Lt. Governor Andre Bauer to the highest office in the state, or stand by and do nothing and look like a weak foghorn leghorn blowhard. The Sanford mess sure does make a mess of 2010 politics. Oh Henry indeed.


  1. Give it up McCarty, Sanford will be the next President of the United States.

  2. Whores will suck him, this I know, for Mark's bible tells us so.

  3. "as it stands right now" is a key part of your analysis. I'm assuming voters will figure out what an idiot, political hack they have in McMaster.

  4. WorkingTommyCNovember 27, 2009

    "McMaster Loves Me"

    Hank McMaster--Craig's List foe
    Acts like a p'litical ho'
    Now they sue him hard and long
    But his panderin' is not done

    Hen-ry McMaster!
    Dim-wit McMaster!
    Cor-rupt McMaster
    Everyone can see through you!

  5. Before Sanford will be president
    we will elect a black muslim.