Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Reader input on the Thanksgiving Political Awards

In a few days, Voting under the Influence will present its 4th annual Thanksgiving political awards. Since the readers of this blog have made that it possible for VUI to stay around so long, this year VUI is seeking input from its readers.

If you any nominations or ideas about who is deserving of the various awards, comment here, or email your ideas to

Here are the list of awards:

1) Turkey of the Year (given to the politician or political group with the worst year and most boneheaded moves.)

2) Golden Drumstick: (given to the politician or political group with the best year or most influence.)

3) Cornbread Dressing Award for Career Achievement

4) Cranberry Sauce Award for outstanding local government achievement.

5) Holiday Ham Award (given to the politician, blogger, consultant, with the biggest ego.)

6) The Fruitcake Award (self explanatory)

We look forward to your input. The Awards will be announced on Wednesday November 25th.

Thanks for reading and for commenting.


  1. Fruit cake...easy Andre Bauer.

    Best politician? My man Mark Sanford. He got laid by his hot latina honey and told the legislature to handle themselves.

    Mark is still here, assholes.

    Wait till 2012

  2. Harvey Peeler for the Golden Drumstick.

  3. Brian McCarty for Holiday Ham.

  4. Ham - Jenny Sanford

    Fruitcake - Mark Sanford

  5. George W. Bush for the best politician. Man, I miss that son of a bitch.

  6. The Conservativist - Removing Rick Beltram

  7. Turkeys of the year, RNC residue for "It's McCain's turn" and a Maine senator fro providing a notational bipartisan footnote to the festering leftist agenda in DC

    Drumsticks between Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee.

    Cornbread dressing for Harry Hallman, no explanations needed.

    an order of ham for FITS and for Andre, no explanations or pron needed, some gristle, rind and a few smears of rended fat from that same pork haunch for Roberta Combs and the CC's new series of pro green ads targeting contemporary Christain radio. The ham's bone for SC6, cause we like Mike Reino and he's been given the bone too many times in the last few years, so he might be expecitng it. ;-)

    fruitcake for Linda Ketner for outing the SCGOP in whole as a bunch of closeted drag queens needing a brazilian wax job more than a bl.... a few bits of rotting citron and green maraschino from that slice for ACORN and Eric Holder too.