Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Top 9 reasons Anderson County government is just not for you:

VUI hates to do it, but we focus on Anderson County for this week's Top 9. No matter where you are in the state, you just can not help but realize how chaotic politics are in Anderson County. This Top 9 will hit those who know Anderson politics, and it will be the last comments VUI has on the subject for some time. But, frankly, the staff just could not help themselves.

That said, here we go, the Top 9 reasons Anderson County government is just not for you:

9) You don’t have the money to sue everyone else or be sued by everyone else.

8) You are not into traveling around the nation at the county’s expense. You don’t even have a sidekick.

7) You are not into “getting” even with business rivals by using your position to nix economic development deals. You find it hard to believe Stan Spears is "out to get ya."

6) You actually care about serving the people.

5) You just don’t give a damn what Joey or Cindy did or did not do. You think about silly things like cutting taxes and getting jobs for the county.

4) You think things like reading and writing are important for government servants. Further, soap operas aren’t your style.

3) You like to listen to the John Boy and Billy Show in the mornings and you don’t like dining at Sullivan’s.

2) Making fun of the only black member of county council just does not fit your tax cutting and government reduction agenda. You have this silly notion that race has nothing to do with conservatism.

1) If you wanted to serve in a Georgia style local government, you would move to Hartwell and run for office.


  1. Here's a tenth one. "I am Brian McCarty, and I am too drunk most of the times to serve on county council."

    Can't wait til Rick and Stan get ahold of you!

    Even Bill McAbee thinks you are a drunk!

  2. You know this is not funny. You will never be elected.

  3. Oh crap, you said that!

  4. What about recognizing the important role played by Working Mom. She plays a lot in Anderson County.

  5. Future defendant McCarty, we will shut this blog down.

  6. Rick Drivers says for you to get over it, you and the Rotary Club, too. Spend the money to find justice. We have the power. You don't. It is our money to spend now. Get over it.

  7. some people don't get humor or how you hit both sides. wow.