Monday, November 30, 2009

Top 9 reasons why Clemson lost to South Carolina

South Carolina scored a big win over the Clemson Tigers on Saturday, but Clemson fans have been filled with all sorts of excuses as to why it happened. Very few among them congratulate the Gamecocks on the win, instead, they reach for excuses. VUI has came up with the Top 9 excuses as to why Clemson lost to South Carolina:

9) Turf toe, turf toe, turf toe!

8) Hey, we Tigers are going to be the ACC Champions, why do we have to beat Carolina? Losing to Carolina is part of the greater scheme to fool Georgia Tech.

7) Dabo was forced, by the super secret society of Gamecocks in government, to throw the game.

6) Ric Flair helped the Gamecocks cheat. Why do you think they came out to 2001?!

5) Somehow, some way, former President George W. Bush is to blame.

4) How does anyone expect playas to be up by noon, much less ready to play football?

3) Nike is to blame. They made Clemson wear white pants.

2)Dabo tried to call Danny Ford at halftime, but all Dabo got was voicemail. Tiger fans say George Rogers stole Danny's mobile phone.

1) Clemson fans claim Spurrier sold his soul to himself to get the win.


  1. You left something out. Clemson players have to find a reason to tell their IPTAY daddies why they got screwed but did not have any money to pay their IPTAY daddy pimps.

    Orange...isn't for folks in jail?

  2. I had a sister in a whore house and a brother enrolled at Clemson, I would help my brother get out of Clemson first.

  3. God, I hate you. Why aren't you dead already?

  4. Gamecocks Rule!