Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What is in the air at the Grand Strand?

The Grand Strand area is becoming famous for elected and public officials having run ins with police. The arrests of the Atlantic Beach Mayor and Police Chief have been widely reported and commented about on VUI.

Now, Myrtle Beach gets in on the action. According to WMBF-TV of Myrtle Beach, political consultant Mike Green was arrested for trespassing after he refused to leave a private party being held by Myrtle Beach Mayoral candidate Mark McBride.

According to the report, Green stated he worked for the firm consulting for incumbent Mayor John Rhodes. Rhodes denied that Green worked for his campaign. Arrests motivated by politics on both sides, (an over eager supporter of candidate versus an all too eager to call the cops supporter of the other candidate), always seem silly and a waste of law enforcement resources.

Whatever happened on Monday night did not help McBride Tuesday, as McBride was denied a return to the Mayor's office, losing to current Mayor Rhodes by a tally of 2469 to 2157.

Maybe there is something in the air down on the Grand Strand causing such run ins with police by officials and political activists. At the least it seems those wanting to get involved in Grand Strand local politics and governments need to know a good bail bondsman.

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  1. McBride got robbed. I bet you were paid to post the totals. Everyone is out to get Mark McBride. Just ask him.