Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The work in the quiet time

It is over seven months until the party primaries in South Carolina for statewide and congressional offices. Most people are worried about how to deal with the upcoming holidays. The press is concerned with President Obama and his health care reform efforts and his decision on what to do in Afghanistan. Other press folks are worried about Governor Mark Sanford. A handful are worried about the races in Virginia and New Jersey.

However, behind the scenes and under the media radar, candidates are doing important work for statewide, congressional and State House offices. Candidates are meeting with important activists and community leaders, and raising money. Campaigns are setting their organizations in place. Now is the time that any candidate who knows anything about such races is working supporters and all the contacts of those supporters. Though media coverage comes later, now is the time that important work is done to lay the foundations for political victory. Just like practices are important to sports teams having success, preparation is essential to political success for candidates.

Over the next few weeks, VUI will look at the various races and candidates and note how well each is doing in getting ready for 2010. We will be working our own sources to see who is doing the work in the quiet time. VUI will do so because it is often the media unsexy work done in the quiet time that sets up victory when everyone is paying attention.

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