Thursday, November 05, 2009

"Yes we can" has turned into "why we can't."

A year ago, American voters made history, electing the first African American President. The charismatic campaign of President Obama had the majority of Americans in a frenzy. The Obama campaign's mantra of "yes we can" became a touchstone of high hopes for so many Americans, both right and left.

A year later, "yes we can" has turned into "why we can't." Historically it is normal for a man elected President of the United States to face the stark realities of the office and be more humble in his approach as President than as a candidate for President. But, perhaps no time in American history has a candidate stirred such hope and delivered so little in office.

The Obama Administration seems to have a laundry list of people to blame for "why they can't." On universal health care, they quietly blame Republicans and "blue dog" Democrats in Congress. On the economy, they trot out tired old arguments against former President Bush. On Afghanistan, they blame Bush and the Afghanistan government for why Obama can not decide on what to do next.

The stark truth is that the President seems to vacillate on the larger issues. The Obama Administration has wasted time in not realizing the campaign is over and the governing has begun. The President filled his administration with far left activists who would rather fight than work out a deal.

The press makes much ado about how people on the right are angry, with reporting about "tea parties" and such. But, there is an anger on the left in America that is perhaps stronger. People on the left voted for Obama believing the clouds would part, the sun would shine, and life would be utopia. It has not happened. Where is the Barack Obama who promised moderate and right leaning voters he would win the war in Afghanistan? Where is the Barack Obama who promised left leaning voters a public health care option that would let those who could not get insurance opt into Medicare? Remember how candidate Obama criticized Hillary Clinton in Orangeburg, SC for proposing to make people buy health insurance or be fined? Now President Obama seems okay with that.

Indeed, the Obama campaign consisted of a likable candidate with a great family who could give a good speech filled with rhetoric that really said nothing. Thus, people projected their own political views upon the guy they liked personally.

President Obama is so different than candidate Obama. When the lack of leadership, the continued political campaigning, and the downright issue flip flops are considered, there is little wonder at how the "why we can't" Presidency of Barack Obama is slipping so in the approval numbers.


  1. Cracker, this is racist bullshit. My President has done a great job. It is the Cracker Congress that holds back my President! You lie bitch!

  2. Obama sucks!

  3. What really sucks is that Brian McCarty is running against our great conservative leader, Cindy Wilson.

  4. McCarty, you are right. Obama is in trouble. His staff is weak. Biden needs to pull a cheney and take over the ship.

  5. Wow. A shock. A racist like Mr. R. Brian McCarty, Esquire criticizes President Obama.

  6. Let me start by saying that Obama Man, your Mom called and your grilled cheese, fish sticks and mac-n-cheese is ready, so come out of the basement, it's time to eat.

    Cindy-Fan...really. I mean....REALLY!
    I don't care who Cindy Wilson is, but I'm guessing that Bri-Mac will run for anything he wants to, when he's good and damned well ready, no matter what you think.

    Third...well, I hate to do this, be I have to correct you, Brian. Obama isn't "African-American. There is really nothing "American" about that Uncle Tom liar. He *is* however, the bi-racial "Bastard-in-chief"...Yeah, I said it. Even his own Sambo-Daddy didn't want him, OR his trashy Mama!

  7. Political correctness has gotten 14 people killed in Texas and numerous wounded. Political Correctness has given us a president who is black but wholly unqualified for the job and showing it everday.
    How hard is it? Your man on the ground says we need more troops, where are the troops? He has no clue! With so many qualified black Americans who could have been elected from either party, it is sad that Obama in the minds of many Americans will only re-enforce the WRONG idea that blacks are inferior. This due again to his utter incompendency and self serving policies. I was hopeful that he might have meant what he said during the campaign. Joe Wilson was wrong in where he said it, but he was right and could say it all day long about the promises Obama has Made, "You Lie, You Lie, You Lie!"