Sunday, January 31, 2010

Shame on the UK for what they are doing to Tony Blair

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair is under the gun as no former Prime Minister in the history of the British Empire. Blair recently was hauled before a left wing motivated commission to decide Blair’s conduct leading to the war in Iraq. Blair held his own in the hearing, but do not expect the matter to end there.

The Labor Party is desperate. Prime Minister Gordan Brown’s lackluster performance in the top job has exposed the Labor Party to a big general election defeat. As such, they are looking for a scapegoat, and that scapegoat is Tony Blair. Once the man who brought back the Labor Party from the wilderness, Blair is now the man they seem all too eager to throw under the double deck bus.

Winston Churchill would cringe over such events. It is hard to believe that the United Kingdom would attempt to so malign a former Prime Minister who did what he thought necessary to protect the interests of the United Kingdom.

Such is what the far left in this world does. They claim to champion human rights, but they attack someone like Blair who defended those rights. The far left in Great Britain instead chooses to defend the point of view of a ruthless dictator hellbent on standing against Western ideals of freedom.

What is happening to Tony Blair is a shame and disgrace to the history and honor of the United Kingdom. Indeed, with the current outfit running the United Kingdom, one wonders when the hearings on whether Churchill was a war monger will begin. After all, to the left today, Hitler would probably be a guy who just needed some breathing room. It is sad and ironic those left wingers criticize the efforts of men like Blair against tyrannical forces who would put women, gays, and non believers to death.

Tony Blair should be honored for his courage and determination. He was an old left winger who realized the reality of the battle. He saw the threat. Those who try to destroy him now only work to destroy themselves if they prevail. Bringing Blair down will inspire the haters. No election is worth that to any nation. Shame on the United Kingdom. Sir Winston must be spinning in his grave.

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