Friday, January 29, 2010

Stupidity ruins high school hoops in the upstate

VUI is a fan of high school sports. We love high school Friday nights in football and we love the game of high school basketball. That is why we are appalled at the stupidity of some that is ruining the game of high school basketball in the upstate.

Tonight, Seneca will face D.W. Daniel high school on the court and renew a strong rivalry. Normally, VUI would tout the game and encourage folks to go check out some good high school basketball action. However, in this case, winter storms aside, the game will be played closed to the public.

It appears from published reports that after a shooting incident in Seneca, officials from both schools met and huddled with the SC High School League and decided to make the game closed to the public. They cancelled the junior varsity games.

While some criticize the schools, VUI wonders what the heck the community is thinking. High school sports are usually the poor man’s brain candy. High school games are venues in which you can affordably go cheer your team. While college and pro sporting events seem out of reach to families, a night of high school football or basketball action is affordable and local. Robbing the people of such affordable entertainment because of some stupid antics by some elements that probably cannot keep their pants around their waists is downright despicable.

VUI does not care about who has to get their gangsta on the best. All the elements that contributed to this great game being closed to the public are losers in our book. There is something seriously wrong with a community that cannot hold a high school basketball game without worrying about someone getting violent. It is a total breakdown.

After all, sports, especially at the high school level, are supposed to be uniting. People from all walks of life cheer the local team. Even those who come to cheer against the local team are supposed to cheer the sport and the spirit of the event. That is what makes sports so special, it is a time when we unplug from the daily grind and cheer the game.

Now, some ignorant folks with guns want to ruin that. They apparently have for Seneca and Daniel fans. Welcome, rural South Carolina to the crap that seems to define America. It seems we cannot, as a people, even watch a ball game without going gangsta. As the defunct American Idol candidate said, it’s about time those losers pull their damn pants up off the ground.

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  1. Southern FriedJanuary 31, 2010

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