Thursday, January 28, 2010

What you talkin' about officer Willis?

Forgive VUI. Every now and then we have to write about the strange and the humorous. We just cannot help ourselves, especially when someone like former child star Gary Coleman gets arrested.

According to reports, Coleman was arrested for failing to appear in court in Utah. The man who once played the lovable Arnold as a child on Different Strokes and ran for Governor of California appears angry as can be in the official police photo. Coleman joins the late Dana Plato and Todd Bridges as child stars from "Different Strokes" that somehow went wrong in life. One wonders if a Facts of Life star is soon to be arrested for prostitution or something. It is bad of enough that Valarie Bertinelli from "One Day at a Time" is about to hit 50 and hocks weight loss products. But, for Arnold to be locked up? Wow, we are getting old. What is the world coming to? Come on, he was so popular even Nancy Reagan showed up on his show with him.

Seriously, look at the above photo, and you cannot help but hear Coleman saying, "what you talkin' about officer Willis?"


  1. Gary Coleman looks about as happy as you will be in June after Cindy Wilson beats you in the Republican primary for county council.

  2. I was thinking that was Obama Man, or maybe Working mom's last date - or both?

  3. It is Obama Man!