Friday, February 19, 2010

Do we have it in us to be like Churchill?

Winston Churchill is remembered today as a great leader and fighter for freedom. But in his time, Churchill was ridiculed often for what some saw as his obsession with Nazis and the threat that Nazis presented to the idea of freedom. Churchill called things as they were, and cared not for political correctness. Yet, Churchill always believed that he was destined to save freedom from tyranny.

History would reward Churchill as a man of destiny who stood against tyranny in freedom’s darkest hour. Churchill was politically incorrect. He was stubborn. But, he was feared by the enemies of freedom because he was an honest man.

Freedom faces the same foes now it did during Churchill’s time in the political wilderness. Though the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001 should have made America and the rest of the free world aware of what they face, it really didn’t. While the United States is taking military action in places like Iraq and Afghanistan, security measures taken in the United States are tinged with political correctness. The Obama Administration especially seems ignorant of the real threat that freedom faces.

While the powers that be in the free world bend over backwards to cater to Islamic eccentricities, the Islamic extremists plot the end of the freedoms we know. The Islamic extremists do want to negotiate or live in peaceful coexistence with us. They want to kill us. Such is taught in mosques and schools throughout their influence. If you take time to read the teachings of such extremists, you will find that the very existence of a free society like the United States is offensive to them.

The Islamic extremists simply cannot tolerate the fact that our society lets women have rights and that we do not stone homosexuals who don’t have sex with goats. It is ironic that the most liberal among us are the first to want to negotiate with the people who would kill them for living as they do.

We are facing an enemy that wants to just kill us. But, do we as Americans have it in us to be like Churchill, and face the reality of the threat we face and do what we need to address it? Or, are we so politically correct that we will let the tyrannical run roughshod over us so that we can feel better about ourselves? Will we fight? Will we get real and take Islamic extremists to task and keep them from using our compassion to take advantage against us? Or will we, as a people, be so weak as to give up our freedoms under the notion of giving rights to Islamic extremists?

The answer to those questions is coming all too soon. The religious nuts running Iran brag about having a nuclear weapon and missiles to deliver such to Israel and Europe. China sits on the sidelines, holding the free world’s debt. Freedom as we know it has never been as threatened as it is now. Do we have the courage and grit of Churchill? Will face the danger and do what we must? Or will we bury ourselves in a mound of wimpy political correctness?


  1. I never thought I would think or say this. I miss George W. Bush.

  2. Churchill was the MANFebruary 19, 2010

    Me too