Thursday, February 18, 2010

Good grief, Mr. Eckstrom, leave Charlie Brown out of this

The State newspaper and other websites and publications have published South Carolina’s latest addition to the humor material of the national media: the emails sent to Superintendent of Education candidate Kelly Payne by Comptroller General Richard Eckstrom.

Reading through the emails published is uncomfortable. On some level, such seemingly pathetic drivel from Eckstrom to Payne is none of our business. It has the makings of a Jerry Lee Lewis song. VUI would go on about privacy except for two things.

First, both Eckstrom and Payne have surrounded themselves with politicos who would go after the hint of sex scandal against anyone opposed to their candidacies or agendas. Those politicos make fun of other political figures in the most personal and nasty of nature. While VUI is all for humor, some of the stuff put out by people in those camps over the years has just been downright mean. It seems sort of a rough justice that two of their pet “reform” candidates are caught up in such a thing.

Second, Eckstrom had to invoke Peanuts. That is where VUI draws the line. The Peanuts Cartoon is an American treasure. It is good clean American fun for people off all ages. It is simply unacceptable for someone to use Peanuts to make a wronged would be lover email. Here is the content of that email, as published in the State:

From: Richard Eckstrom
To: “Kelly Payne”
Date: Wednesday, June 3, 2009, 11:33 PM
Dear Lucy,
I’m so very dense…some things will NEVER change (diarrhea- you’ve used that one at least 3 times now, headaches, tired and worn-out – you use that over and over including this afternoon, stress, politics, throwing up, kids being bad, etc. etc. etc…). I’m clearly just your comic strip joke.
I know from experience that a person never has enough time to fit in everything, but most people make room in their lives for the things they really desire. It’s become more and more clear you don’t desire to make me any meaningful part of your life.
Your call. No hard feelings…but sure I’m disappointed. Anyway I should be spending more time lavishing my dear mother with the consistent, dependable, sacrificial love she lavished on me for a lifetime. Best of all, she’d delight in every measure of love I’d show her.
Hopefully your friend anyway but at a less threatening level to you. You can keep the football.
Charlie Brown

What a disservice to Charlie Brown. Charlie Brown was no piss ant. He would shout “Aaugh!” when Lucy moved the football he was trying to kick, but he then went on with life. He did not write letters to Lucy about unfair it was she moved the football. Charlie Brown never brought his mama into the conversation. That is just wrong.

So, Mr. Eckstrom, you can write pining letters to whomever, but please, leave Charlie Brown’s name out of it. Good ole Charlie Brown does not need his name smeared so.


  1. Elected constitutional officers? I think not.

    In the past 8 years we had

    a Treasurer locked up for cocaine

    a former Comptroller locked up for fraud

    a Ag. Commissioner locked up for running cock fights

    a Lt. Governor who should have been locked up for going over 100 mph

    and now, a Comptroller General who seems way to creepy to run a wal mart, much less the state's finances.

    Restructure now!

  2. You are the one making fun of other people's sex lives. You are such a patootie. I feel sorry for both of these fine people that they have to deal with losers like you.

    Get over yourself and get a sex life of your own instead of worrying about other people's sex lives.

  3. I read all the other emails. All I can say is Eckstrom is a sad old creep. It is sad, it is creepy, it is, well, South Carolina today.

    Hurray for you for standing up for good ole Charlie Brown.

  4. Lexington WildcatFebruary 18, 2010

    Mr. McCarty, you miss the real point. Imagine if Lucy had let Charlie Brown kick her football around a few times, and then denied it to him.

    You can then understand the sadness and frustration of a man who faces never being able to kick the greatest football he ever knew.

  5. Brian, there is so much you just do not understand about real love.

  6. Now, Brian, how can you comment on this so? While we all know you are running for Anderson County Council, you are also the political hack that gave Anderson County Bill McAbee.

    You can go on all you want about this sort of thing, but the people of Anderson County know you gave us Bill McAbee. You ran his campaign. Now, you want to run yourself. As I told Stan, I will stand butt naked in front of the courthouse if you do not run.

    We are ready. We will make emails public that will be very embarrassing to you and your daughter. Tune in to Rick Driver's show this week. Enjoy.

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  8. oh god, Susie Q, let me pause to puke. Brian McCarty is not a good man. He is a patootie. I hate him. His dogooder bullshit is just that, bullshit. You have been fooled. What did Brian do for me? You got me kicked out of my appointed office. I hate him. I would take that football and shove it up his patootie. Bill McAbee will tell you what a loser Brian really is.

  9. motorcycle manFebruary 18, 2010

    Hey, working mom, just because Brian did not knock the dust off that thang of your does not mean he is a bad guy. Maybe he thinks too much of his pecker to get it tainted.

    Love the Charlie Brown shit, Brian. That shit was funny as hell. Charlie was no pissant. You got that right. No high school teacher would make Charlie be her bitch! No so called working mom, either. A man has to be a man. And, Dickie boy. Charlie Brown is a much bigger man than you. Get that?

  10. General Eckstrom is a fine man who is being unfairly attacked by liberal bloggers like you. Eckstrom stands for what is right. I do not care who he stalks. He saves the taxpayers money.

  11. Ric the GeneralFebruary 18, 2010

    Oh, Kelley, let me go just one more time. Just one more time. Goddamit, you done went and moved the football of my love. I need it. You ain't ever gonna have a specimen like me. I am the man. The Viagra has kicked in just for you. Wooooooh.

  12. Leave these fine reformers alone. They are above us. They believe in real reform. They deserve us to leave them alone so they can tell us all how we ought to live. LOL.

    Get 'em Brian.

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  14. You said it correctly...Eckstrom and his lackeys would attack others for the same behavior but now they want "peace and privacy".
    These people are scum, using God and Virtue to get ahead. But they Scum.

  15. Come on Nutcase, name names. Those of us who hate this redneck want to know.

  16. Fact: He has not filed for divorce.

    Fact: Rod Shealy Jr helped facilitate this affair while working in Ecksums office , while on the clock, for the taxpayers

    Fact: He hid his marital status from his friends, his church and the public.

    Fact: he is another "God loving" adulterer that plays to the religious right about morality and virtue in order to get votes.

  17. Eckstrom is more than a Dick in name. He is a rude, vile, small man to state employees. He thinks he is gifted. He is not Payne showed too much patience with this vile little pervert.

  18. What is up with Dickie boy loving Payne's teenage daughter and telling her to lay off her? Good grief indeed, Charlie Brown.

  19. Eckstrom is sick man.

  20. Sometimes a woman does not know how good she has got it with an elderly man with a bottle of viagra in hand.

  21. I don't give a damn about what Susie Q or you say, Brian McCarty, you are running for County Council. We know this. We listen to your every word.

  22. At least Eckstrom is not gay. I thought he might be caught with some teenage boy.

  23. "God says you have to have sex with me, and enjoy it. If you don't Charlie Brown shall rain down cartoon Hell upon you."

    The Book of Richard

  24. Bullshit! Both Payne and Eckstrom are people we need to lead us. I don't care if they have sex on the state capitol steps and send us all pictures. We are stupid. They are smarter than us . They should lead us and we should leave them alone. You are full of bullshit.