Sunday, February 07, 2010

Hey PETA, leave those kids alone

The circus is coming to Greenville. That ticks the far left activists of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) off. While all of us with any decency love and enjoy our pets, PETA goes to a level beyond reason. They believe that well cared for circus animals are mistreated. Further, they believe that so strongly that any means to express their views is acceptable.

The people of Greenville County found out how strongly those extreme views are. PETA recently had activists, including someone dressed in an elephant costume, greeting little school kids at their bus stop. The PETA folks tried to hand out literature to the kids. WYFF reported that at least one parent stood up for the little kids and told them that as their parents told them not to talk to strangers, that they did not have to take something from the PETA people.

Indeed, what were the PETA people thinking? What gives them the right to address someone else’s child on a political issue when that child is vulnerable at a bus stop? How does someone come to think that type of act makes sense?

Well, it is simple. Far leftists like PETA activists think that the rest of us of are stupid. Their egos demand that they impose their views upon the rest of us no matter how creepy their tactics seem. The far left’s sense of superiority gives to them, in their minds, license to act against the civic norms we all accept.

Frankly put, political activists ought to leave little school kids alone. For that matter, the circus provided by Ringling Brothers is good family fun. Maybe that good clean family fun is really what the far left is after. Whatever their reasons, school kids ought to be left alone.


  1. All in all, it's just another steak in the mall.

  2. PETA for lifeFebruary 07, 2010

    Animals deserve love and we have to make sure people understand that. You are ignorant.

  3. Mess with my kids, and you might find your animal loving ass on the wrong end of of my fist.

  4. I thought you were full of it, but I checked this out. This really happened. Parents should be angry at the school district officials for letting PETA get so close to their children. What an outrage.

  5. Earl, you got the play on words in the title.

  6. Uncle JessieFebruary 11, 2010

    No one in PETA has ever tried my rabbit stew. Good eating.