Thursday, February 18, 2010

More election year BS from the SC House

You know it is an election year in South Carolina when the South Carolina House starts worrying about passing legislation to score points with some groups instead of solving problems. VUI has addressed the texting and driving ban and how absurd and redundant that legislation is. Now, with all the problems the state faces, the South Carolina House is going to tackle the problem of people making alcohol runs on Christmas and Thanksgiving.

South Carolina House Bill 4451 will make alcohol sales illegal on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas. Some might say "Thank God." But, before you thank God for such, keep this in mind, every petty law made for your beliefs can set the precedent for someone to come along later and make petty laws against your beliefs.

Some of the sponsors of the bill argue that they want to prevent alcohol abuse at holiday gatherings of friends and family. That is a noble goal. But, frankly, the government can not make people have good sense. Anyone in government who thinks that government can legislate good sense is either arrogant or delusional.

Let's be frank. If people are going to "get their drink on" on Thanksgiving or Christmas they will stock up for the holidays. The legislation proposed will do nothing about people who act stupid on the holidays, but it will give legislators something to thump their chests about in the primaries in June.

Think how silly it all is. Members of the House can stand tall and say, " I did not reform government, I did not cut your taxes or fund first things first in the budget, but I fought to make sure people can not buy alcohol on Jesus's birthday or when your mama fixes Thanksgiving Dinner."

There will be voters who will buy that line from House members. But, even more insulting to the people of South Carolina is the idea that the political class, who themselves seem more and more of out of control of their own personal appetites, have the audacity to think that the rest of us do not have the judgment to decide whether or not to make a run to buy alcohol on Christmas or Thanksgiving, or any other day for that matter. It's outrageous that the folks who drink up the Vista want to tell the rest us we can't buy alcohol on Thanksgiving because we are not responsible enough. It is the old classic hypocrisy of "do as I say, not as I do."

Unfortunately, that sums up this General Assembly. We are in difficult times, but they worry about puff stuff to win this or that block of voters. No wonder we are in the mess we are in. We have people in the House who actually think that banning alcohol sales on Thanksgiving and Christmas is important. I wonder if someone came up with the idea over drinks at Uncle Louie's.


  1. Now you are really kicked off Bobby Harrell's Christmas card list. I bet he won't even drink with you after this.

  2. Must have been the same drinking binge in the Vista that caused that moron Mike PItts to suggest that SC stop using paper money.

    Wow. We elect a bunch of morons.

    Keep givin' them Hell McCarty.

  3. You mentioned Uncle Louie's. What a great bar, and what a place where politicos gather. I guess you speak from experience? Left or right, they all seem to drink at that place. Don't forget the Art Bar, where family values Republicans explore their gay side.

  4. Love the picture, it looks like my family Christmas.

  5. When those clowns ban lobbying money, I will take them seriously. Tea Party all the way!