Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Obama economic health care plan

The Obama Administration and defenders of it such as Congressman Jim Clyburn have recently made a comparison of the economy to the health of a heart patient in that the stimulus was needed to jolt the patient that is the national economy back to life. For the sake of argument, VUI will run the Democratic analogy.

While it might be true that a small part of the stimulus and bailout money spent were like the paddles applied to a patient in cardiac arrest, the rest of such only adds to the economic health problem.

Here is how Dr. Democrat is handling the situation. The economic patient is the American people. Once brought back from being flat on their backs, Dr. Democrat hands them a cheeseburger, some fries and a few beers, along with a pill to reduce the chance of another blockage. The expensive pill has severe side effects and mixed results, but Dr. Democrat says,” just pay for the pill and you can keep living how you want and eating and drinking what you will. As long as you pay for the pill, you will be taken care of.” Dr. Democrat then goes out to dinner at some expensive place with a drug representative who sells the pill.

Democrats are outraged when the above scenario occurs in real health care. They are correct to be. But, Democrats are blind to the fact that there own economic health care measures are just the same.

The vast majority of the stimulus and bailout packages passed send money to government entities and financial institutions. The big unions and lobbyists have their control. However, the mismanagement of big business and the waste of big government were the cheeseburgers and beer that gave our economy its most recent coronary episode. The magic pill to Democrats is the stimulus that props up such failures.

Like so many of us are in our personal lives with health choices, the Democrats do not face what really ails the economy. We compete in a world economy in which overregulation, overtaxing and political correctness are the junk food we consume while the rest of the world just competes. Dr. Big Government comes along and tells us a magic pill called stimulus will let us keep going along as we will.

The problem is the magic pill will only work for so long. Just like in our own personal health lives, real recovery takes real change. There are no magic pills. To truly recover, we have to realize what we are up against, and act to change. For our economic life to recover, big government has to put down the cheeseburger. Government has to find a way to tell big business and big labor “no” on laws and regulations tailored fit to them that hamper competition on the global scale. Big government has to put down the donut that is the tax dollar. The American people have to be inspired to do the economic exercise that is work and entrepreneurship.

Any person who faces recovery from a heart attack, stroke or cancer will tell you recovery is hard work. Medicine is only short term. If the leaders of America insist on comparing the economy to a sick patient, they should keep that in mind. And, the last thing any patient needs is the babble from quacks who think that some magic pill called stimulus will do the work. If we listen to the quacks, our next economic health episode will be due in a few years and will be much more dire.

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