Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Obama to South Carolina: "Let it glow."

For over two decades now, the federal government has been promising South Carolina its nuclear waste from the Savannah River Plant would be shipped to Yucca Mountain, Nevada. After all the federal government asked South Carolina to create most of the nuclear ingredients for its nuclear weapons, the least it could do was to find a place to store the waste.

The promises about Yucca Mountain kept coming from the Reagan, Bush the Eldler, Clinton and Bush the Younger’s Administrations. President Obama stopped the Yucca Mountain deal. When it comes to South Carolina, President Obama seems to be saying, “let it glow.”

What made President Obama reverse a deal over 20 years in the making? Simple politics did. People around the President are still outraged with Congressman Joe Wilson and even more outraged that he seems to be headed to re-election. The Obama team loathes much of the SC Congressional delegation, and giving them a political black eye is only enhanced when doing such helps Nevada Democratic Senator Harry Reid look effective to Nevada voters.

Reid can campaign around Nevada now, telling Nevada voters he made those “rednecks” from South Carolina keep their nuclear waste.

The only problem is that the waste at SRP is not South Carolina’s. It is America’s. The nuclear materials made at SRP are not for the South Carolina National Guard. South Carolina has done its part in keeping America safe. Nevada needs to kick in and do its part.

But, that is not going to happen. Politics first is the motto of the Obama Administration. Harry Reid was rewarded. South Carolina was punished. For those of you in South Carolina who believe that President Obama is looking out for you, well, just remember his Yucca Mountain decision. It was one in which the President of the United States’ decision said to the people of South Carolina, “sorry for all you have sacrificed, and all you deal with, but Harry Reid comes before all of you people down there. Glowing could be a good thing.”


  1. Where did you get that photo of George W. Bush driving a car?

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  3. Adrian for AmericaFebruary 17, 2010

    Hey Gunslinger...you talk against the President keeping Nevada safe and keeping you homophobes in SC in your place...get real...Vegas anytime, South Carolina never. You homophobic rednecks want to build the bomb, keep the waste. You are a bunch of homophobic mutants anyway.

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