Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Someone out there has to be thinking about getting in the Lt. Governor's race

Reports are Tim Scott will run for Congress instead of Lt. Governor, leaving Florence County Council member Ken Ard and Orangeburg businessman Bill Conner as the only two GOP candidates for Lt. Governor.

While there is little to indicate that both Ard and Conner are not good men, the field seems ripe for a latecomer. Frankly, the Lt. Governor's race sports a strikingly weak field historically. If the field remains the same, it will be the first time that the Republican Party had a primary field for Lt. Governor without a member of the General Assembly or an incumbent since 1986. That year, the Republicans nominated Tommy Hartnett, then a United States Congressman. Hartnett's nomination was part of the "Campbell-Hartnett" dream ticket that led to Campbell becoming Governor and Democratic State Senator Nick Theodore becoming Lt. Governor.

In other words,the race for Lt. Governor is wide open. As such, do not be shocked if someone running for another office decides to run for Lt. Governor, or if some state senator jumps in.

Jumping into the Lt. Governor's race is something that a candidate for Governor like Nikki Haley should consider. Such is a difficult move to make at this point, but Haley would go from likely spoiler in the Governor's race to the front runner in the Lt. Governor's race. There are probably several state senators who see that possibility for themselves, if they are willing to move to Lt. Governor's chair.

As it stands, the field for Lt. Governor is historically weak. Little attention is being paid to the race. An ambitious candidate willing to roll the dice and work hard could win the job out of what is considered nowhere. It is going to be interesting to watch.


  1. Ard is the best candidate by far.

  2. Brian--I really enjoy your posts that incorporate insights into SC political history. Reading this got me thinking about who were the members of the General Assembly who ran in the GOP primaries for Lt. Governor in 1990 and 1994. I came up with Howell Clyborne in 1994 and the Shealy woman in 1990 who I believe was a State Senator.

    I agree with your assessment though that this race is ripe to have another late candidate entry. Ard and Connor are good guys but are lightweights politically. If anything, some State Senator ought to be getting in this race since none are running for re-election this year anyway. Any chance of convincing Kevin Bryant to make a run of it?

  3. Ard is yet another RINO in the Hugh Leatherman fold.

    That's something we definitely DO NOT need more of.

  4. Connor is ahead by a huge stretch and rightly so. Big govt. folks aren't going to get elected in this climate. Tea Party Candidates like Bill Connor are what we want. The newcomers are not in bed with lobbyist and don't owe their souls to those who tax and spend freely. GO Mr. Connor GO!

  5. WorkingTommyCFebruary 02, 2010

    Nikki Haley will be head-to-head with Henry "Ah'm not gon' take da bait!" McMastah in the primary runoff and she'll rip him to shreds.

    Connor is all over the state and will keep doing that the rest of the campaign. He's right on the issues and has a brain. Ard can claim neither.

    Oh, but Ard does have the support of the Lindsey Graham neo-clone army. Good luck with that!

  6. Why elect this office? A caste of idiots running for it should show us it is time to make it appointed.

  7. Ard for Lt. Governor!

  8. Please, oh God, tell me that Brian McCarty is not going to run. That is all this state needs. A egotiscal pootootie running for Lt. Governor. Bill McAbee would make a great candidate, or Joey Preston.

  9. Don't fret working mom, the powers that be have made sure McCarty cannot run for Mayor of Honea Path this year, much less Lt. Governor. Thank God for Lollis Meyers and Cindy Wilson!