Saturday, February 20, 2010

Top 9 things most people do not care about

9) The sexual dreams of a sixty something year old accountant.

8) Whether or not attorneys working for Attorney General McMaster have the contents of their files fastened tightly in file folders and are at their desks by 8:30 on the dot.

7) What Sarah Palin is offended about this week.

6) Who has the most talented women’s curling team in the world.

5) If some Muslim is offended because he gets searched at an airport.

4) Who is running for Lt. Governor of South Carolina.

3) Whether Tiger Woods is sorry or not.

2) The ramblings of Dick Cheney.

1) What President Obama thinks about Jessica Simpson’s sexual prowess, Las Vegas, college football, health care, or anything else.


  1. Amen, Brian. Though you may want to clue the hapless MSM in on our non-interest in Tiger Woods. For crying out loud! You can't go to a news website (in this country or many others) or open a newspaper without seeing his mug front and center.

    BTW - I hope people will begin to care that Ron Paul has won the straw poll for 2012 at CPAC!

  2. Love the picture of Obama. Sort of sums up his economic policy.

  3. You must be talking about the President's speech in Nevada the other day. Sad to watch. Does the guy get he is not doing a late night show but is the President?